Daddy, where do knives come from?

A Sean McWilliams Model 1 “in the raw”

I received a nice note today from knifemaker Sean McWilliams. I am currently in the process of testing his Model 1 (first impression here) and he thought I might like to see one in progress. As he describes in his “5 from the Grinder” post, Sean is one of only a handful of smiths who have mastered the art of forging stainless (a more temperamental process than forging carbon steel). This picture shows a bar of S35V as well as a forged knife blank. Neat to see.

Sean writes:


Great impression review, thanks. I thought you might like to see this. Top is the bar of S35 before it goes into the forge, bottom is the blade forged from that bar. So there’s a lot of stretching, drawing and shaping. But not much left to grind. It’s so warm here, I think I’ll go down to the archery range. Cheers, Sean
Thanks for checking in Sean, and thank you for the opportunity to put this awesome little blade through its paces.


  1. stewart laurie campbell says:

    That looks classy

  2. gerald brennan says:

    “Daddy, where do knives come from?”
    From God, honey. From God.

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Daddy, where do knives come from?

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