Defensive Axe Use Of The Day Provides “Oh S#it!” Moment For CA Burglar

Call Of Duty Tomahawk Kill

If you’re awakened by a burglar who is attempting to steal the watch off your wrist, it’s probably a little late to reach for a gun. When it happened last week to Robyn Irvine of Hemet, California, she reached for her hand-forged bedside throwing axe.

From Metro.Co.Uk:

After getting out of bed and ‘screaming at the top of her lungs’ she armed herself with the weapon, but restrained herself from throwing it as the burglars fled.

‘I could’ve thrown it,’ she explained to NBC Los Angeles. ‘I could’ve put it right in his spine. It would have paralysed him.’

Ms Irvine said she learned to throw the axe in the mountains above her home in Hemet, southern California, when she was growing up and also took part in axe-throwing competitions.

Ms. Irvine’s gets a well-earned tip of the hat for her quick and decisive response, as well as her split-second decision not to bankshot the fleeing dirtbag right in the spine. You know she wanted to, and so would we.

Image courtesy KCLA-9 TV

Although her bedside re-enactment is pure gold for newshounds like me, we all know that it’s much wiser to STFU after any defensive gun or knife use. Her knife-waving threats won’t get her in any trouble with the police because her acts were so plainly justified, but thanks to this video all of the perp’s homies know where she lives. And that she doesn’t have a gun. And that her ‘guard cat’ is absolutely effing useless.

Discretion is still the better part of valor. And can someone please give this woman a better knife than that sawbacked monstrosity she brandishes at 0:27?


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Wow, she didn’t just ignore the STFU rule, she chopped it up into kindling.

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    She doesn’t need Mr. Whiskers, she needs a good dog.

  3. jwm says:

    She won’t have to worry about the perps homies. They’ll be too busy making fun of the perps for letting the crazy lady scare the shit out of them. Likely the 2 perps will be homieless when this gets out.

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Defensive Axe Use Of The Day Provides “Oh S#it!” Moment For CA Burglar

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