Defensive Bacon Use of the Day: British pensioner fights off attacker with package of bacon

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Knifemaker and retired Green Beret Kim Breed once said, “If it is you and me and all I have is a stick, it is a tactical stick“. The philosophy behind that message is in a desperate situation, use whatever you can to fight back. Using all manner of items, (chairs, books, a laptop) is a fundamental tenant of self-defense, though this is the first “tactical bacon use” I am aware of.

Luckily for an 86-year old British woman, she was not in an area of the UK that has caved to Islamist pressure and removed pork products from their shelves. When a younger woman came up and attempted to rob her, she began to beat the attacker in the head with a package of bacon.

From UPI:

Greater Manchester Police Trafford South reported that the 86-year-old woman was approached by an unidentified female in a grocery store after withdrawing a large amount of money from an ATM.

“Whilst shopping, the lady was challenged by an unknown female who grabbed her trolley and demanded the money she had withdrawn,” Police wrote.

The elderly woman quickly looked to her surroundings for a defense by using a packet of bacon to fend off the would-be robber.

“The 86 year old lady then defended herself by repeatedly hitting the female offender over the head with a packet of bacon,” police wrote. “The offender then retreated and made off from the supermarket.”

Fight back. Never give up. Kudos to the elderly woman who hails from an era where Britain was truly worthy of the moniker “Great”.

h/t Instapundit


  1. cmeat says:

    good thing the perp didn’t know about duck bacon.

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Defensive Bacon Use of the Day: British pensioner fights off attacker with package of bacon

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