Defensive (Bread) Knife Use: Maine man kills rabid racoon to protect his dog

Defensive (Bread) Knife Use

A bread knife is not the first thing I would grab when faced with a rabid animal, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Charlie Weidman was in fact desperate when his terrier Zeke got into a fight with a rabid raccoon, in our first ever Defensive (Bread) Knife Use.

From   :

Weidman’s wife and youngest daughter yelled in an attempt to break up the fight. His daughter also tried to kick the raccoon out of the dog’s mouth.

“The dog had the raccoon by the belly and the raccoon had the dog by the face,” he said.

After multiple kicks, the raccoon landed at Weidman’s feet.

“I put one foot on its neck and the other on its belly to hold it down,” Weidman said.

He grabbed for his knife but did not have it on him. His daughter got a dull, serrated bread knife from the house, and Weidman then slit the raccoon’s throat.

“There was a lot of blood involved. The dog was acting like ‘Thanks dad, you’ve got me a treat,’” he said…

…The incident was the second in Hope during the last year in which a resident killed a raccoon. In the previous one, Rachel Borch was running along a woodland trail June 3 near her home off Hatchet Mountain Road when she was attacked by a raccoon. Borch killed it by drowning it in a puddle.

The dog ended up in the best shape of any of them. He only needed a booster shot and did not require stitches. His people needed a whole series of rabies shots over the course of a month.




  1. Billy says:

    Should have been a defensive gun use…

  2. Sam L. says:

    My bread knife has a 10″ blade and a sharp point. I’m sure I couldn’t balance, standing on a raccoon.

  3. cmeat says:

    pretty sure standing on a raccoons throat= dead raccoon.
    can you cook the rabies out of them?

  4. Penrod says:

    Serrated = Assault knife, the only purpose for which is killing.

  5. Sam L. says:

    Instapundit linked at 4PM

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Defensive (Bread) Knife Use: Maine man kills rabid racoon to protect his dog

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