Defensive Knife Use: Boy, 11, stabs home invader

An 11-year old young man in the Bronx is credited with driving away a home invader who had assaulted his mother, by stabbing him twice in the back.

From CBS New York:

Sources said the boy was inside the home with his mother and first knocked and asked to use the bathroom. He kicked in the door when the woman refused to open it, sources said.

The mother grabbed a kitchen knife to protect herself, but the suspect ripped the knife from her right hand and cut her in the process, sources said. He then struck the mother several times in the face and body, sources said.

The suspect also grabbed the boy and cut his arm, sources said.

The boy grabbed a different knife and stabbed the assailant twice in the back, sources said. He fled empty-handed, sources said.

The boy also called 911 and said there was a “robber in the house,” sources said.

The suspect later showed up at St. Barnabas Hospital seeking treatment for two stab wounds to the back, sources said.

Kudos to the young man for running to his mother’s defense, even after suffering injury. I applaud his courage.

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Defensive Knife Use: Boy, 11, stabs home invader

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