Defensive Knife Use: McDonald’s manager stabs assailant amidst group melee

A McDonalds manager in Des Moines, Wash. suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a group of young men. Despite getting pummeled, the manager managed to stab one of his assailants with his pocket knife.

From FoxNews:

The McDonald’s manager had asked the man and his friends to leave the restaurant at around 2:30 p.m., but they reportedly refused.

Instead, the group allegedly began shouting and attacking the manager, battering him with punches and kicks as employees and customers looked on.

“He was basically attacked by the group,” said Doug Jenkins, the Des Moines Police Commander, in a statement obtained by The Seattle Times.

“They punched him, they kicked him, they dragged him down.”

The manager then allegedly produced a pocket knife and stabbed one of his attackers in the chest, police added. Officers arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, and the injured attacker was taken to the Harborview Medical Center in Des Moines. His condition is not yet known, police say.

The manager himself suffered bruises and minor injuries. He and other witnesses reportedly cooperated with the authorities. No charges were immediately filed.

It should have been a Defensive Gun Use, either by the manager himself, or by a patron. While the former is surely barred by company policy, McDonald’s company-owned stores follow local laws, and independent franchisees are free to allow or prohibit based in accordance with local laws.

I imagine that the “yoots” would have scattered like cockroaches if someone drew on them. I doubt the weapon would even need to be fired.


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Defensive Knife Use: McDonald’s manager stabs assailant amidst group melee

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