Defensive Knife Use Of The Day: Second Trimester Edition

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A daytime burglar got the living daylights scared out of him when he kicked in the door of a home in LaPorte County, Indiana. The unidentified scumbag may have thought nobody was home. He was wrong.

Rachel Rhodes, 30, was at home taking a nap with her baby daughter. Rhodes is also five months pregnant, and between her pregnancy and her baby girl she probably needs to take advantage of any opportunity for sleep she can get.

Her slumber was interrupted last Friday when she heard her front door being kicked in at about 11:30, but she didn’t take the news lying down.


A pregnant LaPorte County woman with her baby daughter taking a nap suddenly found herself holding a butcher knife up to a strange man who kicked in her front door.

Rachel Rhodes, 30, said Friday once she realized what was happening her fear turned into an act of survival.

“I felt like a mama bear protecting my cubs basically,” said Rhodes.

About 11:30 a.m. Thursday, the Mill Creek area woman heard knocking on her door then several kicks, which broke the door open.

Rhodes, in her fifth month of pregnancy, grabbed the kitchen knife and confronted the man, who quickly fled.

He was driving a dark green Cadillac and looked to be 25 to 35 years old and clean shaven, police said.

“You never think it will happen to you and if he comes back I’ll be even more ready,” said Rhodes.

Police believe the man, thinking nobody was home, wanted to burglarize the home.

By “even more ready” I sincerely hope that Ms. Rhodes means she will be armed with a gun if another scumbag ever kicks in her front door. She was lucky this time, because this opportunistic burglar decided to beat feet when he saw that the house wasn’t as empty as he’d guessed.

When a burglar invades a home that they know to be occupied, however, it’s safe to assume that they’re willing to do lethal violence to whomever they meet inside.

The po-po have a pretty good lead on him, because how many opportunistic burglars drive Cadillacs? After they run photos of all the POS Catera owners in the area, Rhodes will pick out his clean-shaven mug from the rogues’ gallery and the jig will be up.


  1. Paul B says:

    Unless he is a traveling hood. One of the part time burglars in our town had a trail from Utah to Indiana and back. He was arrested working as a waiter at an Olive Garden. Seems he forgot to remove the green thing they wear around the neck.

    With any luck this scumbag will be caught.

  2. jwm says:

    Mama bears are not to be trifled with. Mama bears with kitchen knives are to be avoided at all costs. Maybe mama bear will have a boom stick next time.

  3. Edgehill says:

    I’m glad she’s alright. But this is a knife blog. Should a knife blog be apologizing for someone not having a gun on hand? I’ve trained to not be gun centric. Use a knife if that’s all you have, and know how to use it. If I ever get in a situation where I need to defend myself, I won’t be upset that I just have a knife. Yes, I would prefer to have a gun, but I have been trained to use my knife or my bare hands to protect myself.

    You should be celebrating a person using a knife to defend themselves, not sending them off to TTAG to wish they had a gun at the time.

    Run to a gun. Run from a knife.

    1. B says:

      Would you seriously want your pregnant wife, sister, or friend within arms reach of a violent intruder? She did what she could with what she had and came out on top, but in her condition she’s a beating away from possibly losing her baby. Sam Colt can’t make people equal if she’s not packing.

      1. Edgehill says:

        That’s not what I’m trying to say. Of course, I would prefer a gun. But this is a knife blog about all things knives. Every time a defensive knife use comes up, they always second guess the use of the knife. It’s almost as if they want everyone to have pretty knives, but they don’t want anyone to use them.

        If this is a knife blog, maybe there is something we can learn about the defensive uses of the knife. I’m just dissatisfied with the portrayal of knife uses on the blog. If I’m buying one of these knives with the notion that I may have to use it for more than cardboard or camping, I would want the blog I read about those knives to be at least somewhat understanding of that, instead of always inserting sardonic comments about how much better the person would have been with a gun.

        Let TTAG question whether a gun would have been a better choice. A knife blog should be a knife blog. Not a “go buy a gun blog.”

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Defensive Knife Use Of The Day: Second Trimester Edition

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