Defensive Knife Use of the Day: Tables Turned Edition

Rape suspect (courtesy

I realize that warning readers of a knife site to carry a knife for self-defense is like recommending Candice Swanepoel to a Victoria’s Secret photographer. Still, it must be said: the best knife to use for self-defense is the one you have. If you don’t have one . . . “A man, who appeared to be dressed in work uniform, abducted, beat and raped a woman before she was able to use his knife to cut him in southwest Atlanta,” reports. Cut, not stabbed. After the assault, not before. More’s the pity. Still, a cautionary tale with an easy lesson: carry a knife. Why not? Anyone looking for a small, inexpensive, high-quality tactical knife has plenty of options. A key-fob compatible folder like the Spyderco Ladybug or a CRKT K.I.S.S. wouldn’t be my first choice for edged self-defense, but why not? No matter what blade you carry a defensive knife use won’t be easy or pretty. But it will be effective. One way or the other.


  1. jwm says:

    Never leave home without a knife. But this happened in Georgia. Provided the lady in question had no disqualifications in her history she should have been carrying a gun as well as a knife.

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Defensive Knife Use of the Day: Tables Turned Edition

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