Defensive Knife Use: Roommate fight leads to justifiable stabbing

A fight between roommates in Washington State sent the aggressor to the being transported to the hospital with a neck laceration. It sounds like a sketchy situation as the aggressor had a history of drug use including a 50 month sentence for administering a lethal dose of heroine. I don’t think that the exonerated victim is going to become the next poster child for the pro-knife movement.

From DiscoverFerndale:

According to information released by the Ferndale Police Department, two roommates got into an argument in the front yard of their residence. One roommate grabbed and threatened to assault the other. The other roommate warned he was armed with a knife and would use it to defend himself. He was then struck in the head and subsequently “used the knife to prevent further assault.”

When police officers arrived, they found a roommate with a neck laceration and detained the other roommate while investigating the incident.

After police officers spoke with the other roommate and other witnesses, they determined the knife had been justifiably used in self-defense. The other roommate was released at the scene pending review of the charges.

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Defensive Knife Use: Roommate fight leads to justifiable stabbing

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