Defensive Knife Use: Teen Kills Mom’s Gun-Wielding Ex-BF

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As we’ve pointed out, bringing a knife to a gunfight isn’t as good as bringing a gun, but it’s a lot better than nothing. A Long Island teenager learned this yesterday, and in the process he probably saved himself and his mother (and her current boyfriend) from being massacred by her jealous ex-boyfriend. The gun wielding ex-BF learned this lesson the hard way, and he’s currently chilling out at about 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the Suffolk County morgue . . .

The dead gunman has been identified as 48 year-old Norman Shields, and he reportedly had a young child in common with 31 year-old Natasha Bivens. Shields allegedly went to Bivens’ house at 4:00 a.m. and confronted her with a handgun. After a shot was fired, Bivens’ 13 year-old son grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Shields in the chest.

From (click the link for a video):

A Long Island teenager fatally stabbed his mother’s former boyfriend when he showed up to their Mastic Beach home and threatened her with a handgun, authorities say.

Suffolk County police say the ex-boyfriend entered the Selden Road home of the teenager’s mother and confronted her and her new boyfriend around 4 a.m. Monday.

When the intruder threatened the woman with a handgun, her teenage son intervened and stabbed the man, police said. The intruder was pronounced dead at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.

The Suffolk County Homicide Squad investigation is ongoing.

It was not immediately clear if the teenager would face charges.

Exactly what charges would those be? ‘Failing To Wait For Police Before Acting To Save One’s Own Life or the Life of a Loved One?’ Or maybe ‘Infringing Upon Murderer’s Right To Artistic Self-Expression Through Mass Killing?’ In the slave state of New York, anything is possible.


  1. Mark N. says:

    Funny thing, was watching an old episode of Criminal Minds last night, where the 21′ rule was mentioned. Hochner asked this Apache cop why he didn’t carry a gun, just a knife, to which the response was, “inside 21′, you’re mine. Outside 21, I have other options.”

    1. AlphaGeek says:

      Sure, like throwing the knife… as you charge forward while drawing another, even bigger knife. 🙂

    2. frankgon4 says:

      I am not that fast. For me it is inside 17 feet.

    3. scubamatt says:

      That’s why its a TV show, not reality.

      The Tueller test showed a knife armed bad guy could reasonably be expected to close a 21 foot distance and stab you before you shot him to death, drawing from a standard duty holster. It did NOT show that the knife armed guy can get to you and kill you, before you can kill him. The distinction is critical, and usually overlooked when people cite the ’21 foot rule’.

      Yes, you may be able to rush me and stab me inside of 21 feet…but that depends on a lot of things, like my alertness level, my style of holster, your skill, and your blade. It also offers you no guarantee at all that you will survive the attempt, nor any guarantee that your stab will kill me.

      So the Apache cop wants to rush a gun armed bad guy if he’s at 21 feet or less? Brilliant. I’ll just draw my sidearm, take cover and shoot the bad guy from here, thanks.

  2. Scott says:

    Are you sure the Apache was talking about knives and not his casino?

  3. Joe Wright says:

    Why would there even be a question about charges? This was self defense, pure and simple. Oh.. my bad, forgot it was The Peoples Republic of New York. Anyway, you can move that to 30 feet, if the perp is young and fast.

  4. dwb says:

    In another news report about this that i googled to find out WTF is up with the charges, it says that the “current boyfriend fled the scene.”

    ah, I think thats an about-to-be ex boyfriend as well.

  5. great unknown says:

    The law in New York makes self-defense a crime. Read many years ago [over forty] about
    a woman who fought off a rapist with a hatpin. Women still wore hats in those days –
    think Jacky Kennedy. She was arrested for carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

  6. Don says:

    What an awesome kid!

  7. neiowa says:

    Charge the mother for being a no class tramp? Teen with no apparently father, 4yr old by “former boyfriend”, shacking up with a newer sperm donor (with kids in the “house”). Any guesses who is funding this zoo?

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      Us tax payers…

    2. PFCKIM says:

      jesus christ sorry we can’t all be from a perfect nuclear family. did they specify why the kid had no dad? maybe he was a dead beat who ran off? maybe they had a divorce? maybe he’s dead? man sometimes yall are the most judgmental people ever. and who’s to say that the new boyfriend is a “sperm donor” or that she’s drawing our money? i know plenty of families with single mothers or fathers who do well for themselves.

  8. Conor says:

    @neiowa & sagebrushracer – and they say bigotry is dead, pfft! I say you’re not looking hard enough, it’s riding strong baby, WOO!

    Go ahead, try to be smart and say that comment wasn’t bigoted and I challenge both of you to tell me you’re NOT white males. Hmm? You know nothing about these people yet you make snap judgements about them and their lives based on your own small minds.

    It’s no wonder the police target minorities in the drug war even though whites are more likely to use drugs, and white males 18-30 are 4 times as likely to have sold drugs than black males of the same age, yet black are 10 times as likely to get arrested. But you’re so bigoted you’ll probably try to deny those facts.

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Defensive Knife Use: Teen Kills Mom’s Gun-Wielding Ex-BF

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