Defensive Nunchuck Use: Security guard takes out knife-wielding perp

Defensive Nunchuck Use? Yes, it can happen. Against a knife-wielding perpetrator nonetheless.

From FoxOKC:

Thompson had allegedly been staying with residents at the complex and having issues with drugs. While delivering the pamphlets the man noticed Thompson coming towards him with a steak knife in each hand. Thompson reportedly stated he was “not leaving” and that he was going to kill the security guard. He then began swinging the knives towards the guard.

The guard pulled out his nunchucks and struck Thompson, who then fell to the ground. The two began to scuffle on the ground. After an altercation, the security guard was able to take control and hold Thompson on the ground while bystanders called the police.

I need to tip my hat to the Blogfather who shared this on his Facebook page. A further tip of the hat to the author of this spot-on take:

“This is perhaps the first time in history someone has hit someone other than themselves with a pair of nunchucks”

It is mind-boggling that they remain illegal so many places. They are incredibly impractical for anyone who doesn’t train with them regularly.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Nunchucks: A nun wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers.

  2. Nunchucks, like so many other weapons derived from the grain flail of ancient Asian steppe lands. It has been modified into a very effective Martial arts weapon with attendant disciplines. Was used effectively by Canotnese warriors to take down swordsmen. Only two pieces of wood connected by a short chain, nothing more.

  3. They get a few pages in Mas Ayoob’s 1978 FUNDAMENTALS OF MODERN POLICE IMPACT WEAPONS which explains how to defend against them.

    In line with the comments above about hitting yourself with them, this is from P. 58:

    “One thing in the cop’s favor is that this is a particularly tricky weapon, and the average street punk has had no proper training in its use. He is likely to flail wildly and awkwardly with it. Also, the weapon is unique in that the user can easily hit HIMSELF with it if he miscalculates. Even black belt weaponmasters have been known to nail themselves painfully on elbow or noggin. One Colorado officer reports, “This guy came out of his car at me swinging a set of those sticks. I just stepped back and let him practically beat himself to death.”

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Defensive Nunchuck Use: Security guard takes out knife-wielding perp

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