Defensive Sword Use: Chicago man thwarts home-invasion/sexual assault with sword from ‘Medieval Times’

Mac Dolan outside his Wicker Park apartment with a sword he used to scare off an intruder (Photo: Max Herman/For the Sun-Times)

Mac Dolan played the literal role of “White Knight” when he came to the rescue of a female friend who was staying in his apartment. His choice of weapon? A souvenir sword from the Medieval Times dinner theater.

From Chicago Sun Times:

Dolan, 25, hopped out of bed, flicked on the lights and saw a man he didn’t know punching, choking and trying to rip the clothes off a female guest who’d crashed on his living room couch after a night out.

“I saw the guy standing over her, and she was kicking and screaming,” Dolan told the Chicago Sun-Times. “And I just started yelling and running at the guy basically and grabbed the sword that we have on the wall and chased him toward the back stairs.”

He bought the sword, with its wall mount, about six months ago on a tipsy pilgrimage to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Medieval Times in Schaumburg. For the uninitiated, Medieval Times is a restaurant/theater where dinner is served up with jousting and other knightly theatrics in a space resembling a castle.

The attacker took a moment to register what Dolan was doing.

“He didn’t really start running until he saw me grab the sword,” said Dolan, a software consultant. “Then, he went bug-eyed”.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, grab something, anything (chair, bat, large book), to use as a weapon. Of course if what you have at hand happens to be a sword, so much the better. I would imagine that pretty much any perp would find somewhere else to be rather than face down a charging roommate wielding a sword. I would have loved to have seen the above-mentioned “bug-eyed” look on the coward’s face.

Good on Mac Dolan. He is our Blade-Hero of the Week, though someone needs to introduce him to non-novelty blades.


  1. BD says:

    He should have cut off the peeps dick. That’ll teach him to NOT come back.

  2. cmeat says:

    and he’s off to the submarine races.
    seriously, what’s that thing made of?
    the intruder ran because she soiled herself.
    should have been a dgu.

  3. PeterK says:


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Defensive Sword Use: Chicago man thwarts home-invasion/sexual assault with sword from ‘Medieval Times’

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