Design A T-Shirt, Win A Benchmade 470-131 Emissary.

Image courtesy Benchmade Knives

Benchmade wants to sell t-shirts, and they want you to help design them. And it’s a pay gig…

If you’ve got some skills with vector-based graphic design software (which instantly disqualifies me) you can win a $500 470-131 Emissary Axis assisted-opening knife like the one shown above. Not to get your hopes up, but it’s got an etched Hakkapella Damasteel blade, anodized black billet 7075 aluminum handles, and engraved ivory Micarta inlays.

Too nice to carry? Probably. But not too nice to want.

Click here for contest rules and entry forms.


  1. Sab says:

    I hate ‘contests’ like this. Instead of hiring an actual graphic artist to do things at a fair rate, they’re trying to generate thousands of hours of work to pick and choose from, with rewards only going to a single person.

    What about everyone else that works hard on their designs for no pay?

    This is just one of the ways artists are exploited.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Kind of like we dd here when we have away the FNS-9?

      1. Sab says:

        No, there is a difference because you weren’t in a position to make a bunch of money from that contest.

        Instead of seeking out and hiring an actual graphic artist or design firm, which might be expensive, Benchmade is trying to get the same quality of work on the cheap under the guise of ‘crowdsourcing’.

        Assuming for example, that 100 people spend an hour each making a graphic to submit. Benchmade would pay under 500 dollars (thats retail, not their production cost) for the hundreds of man-hours worth of work to produce a hundred graphics to choose from. They want to pay out five dollars an hour for this, essentially.

        Furthermore, the 99 artists who spent their valuable time but didn’t ‘win’ are getting nothing. So its even worse than if Benchmade somehow tricked a 100-person design firm into a 500 dollar contract because at least then everyone would be compensated for their time.

    2. Jonathan says:

      Because of course benchmade is holding those artists at gunpoint and not telling them the rules of the game, right? Don’t like it, don’t do it.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Can’t win if’n ya don’t play. I left my artist in my other genes.

  3. Arod529 says:

    Nice knife but #2 of their terms implies they want your social. Nope.

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Design A T-Shirt, Win A Benchmade 470-131 Emissary.

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