Designer Jens Anso to collaborate with KAI Knives

Jens Anso is a Danish industrial designer and knifemaker who has designed knives for Boker, Fox Cutlery, and Spyderco. Many of his designs, such as the Spyderco Pingo, are made to comply with hoplophobic European knife laws. They feature such elements as extra-beefy springs with extreme closure bias and in the case of the Pingo, an extra-small Spidey Hole making single-handed opening impossible.

KAI USA, the parent company of Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Shun, has announced that they will be collaborating with Jens on a yet to be formally announced project.

There is a paucity of information out there on this. Just a few social media mentions/teases and the above video trailer. I have called and emailed KAI and was hoping to get some answers before end of day today.

I am releasing this post now since the video is just over 24 hours old. I will update when I have more.

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Designer Jens Anso to collaborate with KAI Knives

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