Detroit EMTs gravely injured in knife attack


A Detroit man is in custody after a knife attack on two EMTs

The first night of EMT class you are taught that the first thing you do on a call is make sure the scene is secure. Two EMTs learned just how important this lesson is when the male companion of the woman they were treating became agitated and produced a box-cutter type knife.

From CBSDetroit:

It was a horrific scene,” said Fire Commissioner Eric Jones. “It was a stabbing and a slashing.”

The paramedics, identified as Alfredo Rojas and Kelly Adams, had been called to the area to treat a woman with an ankle injury when a man who was with the woman became “agitated” and attacked.

“They were together on the sidewalk when EMS arrived,” Jones told reporters. “The male subject was upset at the assessment of the EMTs so as they were treating her — I can’t get inside of his head, I don’t know what he was agitated about, but he was upset for some reason — and at some point during the encounter, he produced this weapon.”

Both paramedics were stabbed and slashed repeatedly before making it back to their vehicle.  Adams then drove she and her partner to Detroit Receiving Hospital where both remain in serious condition.

“It was a horrific scene. The EMS rig, the scene inside of the rig is horrific. Their injuries are horrific,” Jones said, adding that both paramedics will have significant scarring. “Both of the EMTs are going to require some extensive surgeries. The injuries — they came to within inches of dying.”

As a former Firefighter/EMT-I, I find this particularly appalling. I remember one time where we were called to extinguish a bonfire that some drunk Kenyon student had dumped a bunch of fireworks on. I was hit in the helmet by a beer bottle. I don’t know who among the crowd threw it, but they are lucky the Chief wasn’t on that run. When he heard what happened, he said we should have turned the hose on the group.



  1. Spencer says:

    Maybe I’m one of a few Americans with this opinion but chronic, likely insane, public misconduct like that mentioned above suggests that the U.S.A. is circling the drain rapidly. Don’t expect our political leaders to deal with this problem (and many other pernicious sociopolitical issues) because it appears they’re too busy looting the country and aiding their larcenous “campaign contributors.”

  2. Larry says:

    Nothing personal but if I or one of my men gets hit by a bottle on a rec fire job, someone is getting hit or going to jail. That’s why you carry a closet hook or maglite on those jobs.

    Funny story. New Years Eve downtown hotel full,of drunks, who kept pulling the box. One time a phone came flying down from above just missing the driver, turns out the room number is on the phone…. The brothers grabbed axes and went up , the guy who answered the door got his face bloodied by said phone.

    God I,love this job!

  3. Sam L. says:

    Forget it, Jake; it’s Detroit. Move back to civilization.

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Detroit EMTs gravely injured in knife attack

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