DiResta Video: Brock Lesnar’s tattoo brought to life.

I haven’t watched pro-wrestling since they took the WWF cartoon off the air when I was a kid. It was never my thing. Given I had heard of Brock Lesnar, he must have an elevated stature among his peers. I can not name more than a couple of others from the last 3 decades.

I did not know that Lesnar had a large tattoo of a wicked looking knife (short sword really) right in the center of his chest. Artist and Maker extraordinaire Jimmy DiResta brought this to life by forging a real version of the blade.

Homely looking thing, but pretty awesome nonetheless.


  1. jlottmc says:

    Not trying to back seat blog here, but have you reached out to DiResta about doing a video or segment kind of like the “Ask a Knife Maker”? His stuff is really cool to watch, and in this one I was a little surprised to see such extensive use of the mill. Again, just some of my hair brained ideas.

    1. Funny you should say that. We are in the early stages of designing a “five Questions with xxxxxxx” feature for all levels of maker from someone who just sold their first knife to established makers. Will Woods and LT Wright have tentatively agreed to participate and we are hoping it will take off from there.

      Don’t have a DiResta contact, though once this gets going I should try to explore tracking him down.

  2. jlottmc says:

    Cool, I look forward to it. Well done over here, always a treat to come read.

  3. bastiches says:

    I fear that thing would do more damage to the wielder than an opponent.

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DiResta Video: Brock Lesnar’s tattoo brought to life.

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