Disemboweled Inmate discovered at Northern California Prison


Solano Prison, California

During the lockdown following a May 4th riot at the medium-security Solano Prison in Vacaville California, Guards discovered the disemboweled body of 24-year old inmate Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez. He had been cut nearly in two, missing most of its organs, and was found stiffed into a shower-stall garbage can.

From CBS Sacramento:

“The grisly discovery raises obvious questions about the prison’s security: How could such a gruesome killing happen inside a locked facility with security and surveillance? How could someone obtain weapons sharp enough to dissect a body? And why did it take so long to uncover?

Homicides are distressingly common in California prisons. More than 160 inmates have been killed in the last 15 years, and the state has one of the nation’s highest inmate homicide rates. Yet the death of 24-year-old Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez stands out.

Rodriguez’s missing organs are “still part of the investigation” at the prison in Vacaville, 40 miles southwest of Sacramento, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Terry Thornton said Friday.”

When the State can not keep weapons and drugs out of an actual prison, how can they expect to keep them out of society at large without resorting to police-state tactics against the citizenry? This past month has seen several “gun-free zone shootings”, and the civilian-disarmament complex has wound itself up into their usual ghoulishness. At the same time, an entire family was slaughtered with knives in Tulsa, proving once again that it doesn’t matter the tool, a heart set on murder will find a way. Putting up a “gun-free zone” sign or passing another law infringing law-abiding citizens RTKBA does nothing to stop a religious fanatic or racist psychopath.


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Disemboweled Inmate discovered at Northern California Prison

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