DIY Object of Desire: Deadpool knife-block.


If you are a comic-book nerd who happens to have access to a high-end 3d printer, you could make this too.

We have always had fun with novelty knife blocks. The Spartan Knife Block write up holds our single-day page view record thanks to an Instalanche from the Blogfather. We have also showcased one based on the Knife Game, and the original kitschy knife block – the voodoo doll.

This one is for the 3d-printing do-it-yourselfer who also happens to be a massive comic book nerd. This piece at Instructables is pretty amazing. What I really like about it is the fact that it is based on the maker’s own knives, rather than being forced to use crappy mystery-metal blades that come with most novelty blocks.

The Instructables piece goes into considerable detail on 3d-skin modeling and other techno-stuff beyond my knowledge base, but I am impressed by the amount of work that this guy put into it. Even if I am not a comic book or superhero fan.


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DIY Object of Desire: Deadpool knife-block.

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