DKU: Chef foils armed robbery with sushi-knife.


A Yanagiba, like this one by Shun, is excellent for slicing thin sashimi and foiling would-be robbers.

A sushi-chef in Champaign, IL took a break from slicing fish to foil an attempted armed robbery on his restaurant. 23-year old Clayton Dial walked into the Kamakura Japanese Restaurant and pulled what turned out to be a pellet-gun on the hostess. Big mistake.

From the Washington Times:

Unfortunately for him, 39-year-old Tetsuji Miwa was just a few yards away and heard what the robber was saying. Miwa said he didn’t see the gun, but did see the look of fear on the face of the 17-year-old hostess.

“That’s when I instantly grabbed my sushi knife, walked up to him, wrapped my arm around his shoulder and asked him what he wanted,” Miwa told the newspaper. “He saw the blade, got scared and started running.”

Miwa ran after him along with two other employees, one of whom grabbed a small stool near the front door. Miwa said he did not want hurt the man and he sure didn’t want to do anything that might damage his “pretty expensive knife.” The three caught up with Dial and a scuffle broke out, during which Dial was punched and hit over the head with the stool as they tried to get him to release what they believed was a real gun.

I love how Chef Miwa was concerned with his knife. Given what I know of Japanese culture, Miwa would have been very disappointed to need to use his blade for other than its intended purpose.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I used to read a blog called Cowtown Cop (gone these many years), by a cop in the Ft. Worth area. Wrote once about an “ethnic” guy who walked up the the short-order cook, stuck a gun in his face, and demanded money. Said short-order cook picked up one of his sharp knives and slashed that guy’s wrist. Kept the gun as a tip. (Dang, I wish I’d printed that out. Sent it on to a couple cooks I know, but I’m two crashes and third new computer away from it.)

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DKU: Chef foils armed robbery with sushi-knife.

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