DKU: Clerk chases knife-wielding robber with sword

In the latest (well, it was August, but I missed it) in our ever-increasing list of “Defensive Sword Use”, a store clerk in Pittsburgh “Pissburg” (I am a Browns Fan) played a game of “knifey-spoony” with a pair of would-be robbers, one of whom was armed with what appears in the video to be a machete.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Police say they were called to the Perry Market on Perrysville Avenue after it was robbed just before 10 p.m.

They say two males wearing masks went into the store, one of whom went behind the counter and demanded money while armed with a foot-long knife.

However, the cashier was more prepared than the robber, pulling out a large sword, scaring off the suspect. He’s then seen on surveillance footage running out of the store.

“I use this one when I see him with the sword, to make him afraid,” said store owner Jewad Hayitt.


The other suspect was held by a customer, but was able to get free and also run out of the store.

“The other one, he came to attack me from here,” said Hayitt. “I attack him like that, I touch his sword and it falls, or something like that.”

Hayitt said the thieves could have easily been shot, since he also has a gun.

“I have this gun and I can use it,” he said.

If he had a gun, why draw the sword? And the guy in the black shirt who confronts the man with the machete is both nuts and lucky. It is quite obvious that the thieves were planning to scare, not to cut.

It reminds me of the adage, “Stabbers don’t show, showers do not stab”. Most footage I have seen of knife attacks bears that out. When someone is stabbed, there is typically no warning.


  1. PeterK says:

    The show vs stab adage is interesting, but I’d not bet my life on it.

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DKU: Clerk chases knife-wielding robber with sword

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