DKU of the Day: Bronx deliveryman disarms then stabs would-be mugger


The scene of the would-be mugging in the Bronx.

A Chinese food deliveryman turned the tables on his would be muggers Thursday night, when he disarmed and then stabbed his assailant in the arm.

From NY Daily News:

Jason Santana, 19, of Castle Hill, and an accomplice cornered their victim on Bryant Ave. near Jennings St. in Crotona Park at about 8:30 p.m., police said.

Santana put a knife to the deliveryman’s stomach, while his pal held a blade to the man’s neck, according to police.

The victim was having none of it. He grabbed Santana’s knife and stabbed him, cops said. Santana and his cohort turned tail, rabbiting in opposite directions.

Santana collapsed in front of a deli at Freeman St. and W. Farms Rd., officials said.

Witnesses said he whined at the scene until rescuers arrived and took him to St. Barnabas Hospital in stable condition.

Kudos to the unnamed deliveryman who refused to be a victim, though why he was not carrying any self defense item at all is a question unanswered.

Six months into training Krav Maga, and I feel relatively confident that I could disarm a single untrained knife-wielder should I recognize the attack in time. I am not sure what my move would be if two assailants had knives already in contact with me. Scary situation averted. I hope the second perp is arrested in short order and both do serious PMITA time.

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DKU of the Day: Bronx deliveryman disarms then stabs would-be mugger

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