DKU of the day: Should we just call these “Dundee”s?


I am thinking it is time we dub this specific type of DKU a “Dundee”. Thoughts?

We have ridden the Crocodile Dundee motif like a Government mule in past posts. After all, it was such low hanging fruit that how could we not? It is one of the top 5 most iconic knife moment’s in cinematic history.

But it has happened again. Last week in Ocala, Florida, three men with a knife attempted to rob Mario Lee Samaniego, only to turn and flee when Samaniego drew a larger knife and prepared to defend himself.

from WKMG Orlando:

“According to a police report, the men came between Samaniego and his truck and one man began demanding money. When Samaniego told the suspects that he didn’t have any, another man pulled out a small folding knife and pointed it at Samaniego while continuing to demand money.

Samaniego then pulled out a larger folding knife and told the men he would defend himself, police say. The three men immediately fled on foot.”

This isn’t the first time we have reported on a DKU of this manner.  Last fall two brothers in Chicago drew (an illegal) bigger knife and chased down a box-cutter wielding assailant who had assaulted and tried to rob a woman at an “L” station.

It is for this reason I propose dubbing this style of DKU a “Dundee”, and make it official TTAK jargon.  Let us know what you think.

On a serious note, this sort of story is one of many reasons I am happy that Governor Haslam signed the bill yesterday restoring people’s right to carry an automatic knife in Tennessee.  One can never be certain, and there is no “textbook” assault that one might face.  However, my gut tells me that if a perp sees you draw an automatic it sends a message that you “came to play”, and are not just another sheep. Hopefully he will decide he has somewhere else to be.

Or you can play knifey-spoony and draw a gun.



  1. jwm says:

    While I prefer a gun, a knife will do. Dundee works for me.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Second that!

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      Thirded even!

  3. James Wade says:

    So would pulling a gun be an ‘Indiana’ then?

    1. Of course that opens up the door to the term “Vader” as well for silently Force-choking someone.

    2. jwm says:

      Only if the other guy has a sword. “Indiana” would be a very specific term.

  4. David says:

    So would going for a gun when you don’t have one be a “reverse Indiana” a-la Temple of Doom?

    I propose that a “Dundee” be a broad term anytime you out-match someone w/ the same type of gear. Guy pulls a .38 you pull a Casull. Guy pulls out a dube you pull a blunt. You get the picture 🙂

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DKU of the day: Should we just call these “Dundee”s?

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