DKU: Pumpkin-carving Dad stabs, captures intruder


A Texas dad stabbed and captured a car-jacking suspect whom had entered their home.

It is usually a good idea to lock your doors lest a passing car-jacking suspect decides to waltz in and interrupt your family’s pumpkin carving. An Arlington, TX dad did what dads should do when faced with the above scenario. He took his carving knife and stabbed the perp.


Tuesday night, a father and daughter were carving pumpkins at their house on Fort Hunt Drive, near Interstate 20 and West Sublett Road, when they say an apparent carjacking suspect came into the house — looking for money, a vehicle or both.

With a knife in hand, the homeowner chased the man out and stabbed him. He then held the man down until police arrived.

Kudos dad.

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  1. Spencer says:

    Mr. Bad Guy is lucky dad didn’t carve him to resemble a jack-o’-lantern.

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DKU: Pumpkin-carving Dad stabs, captures intruder

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