DKU: Woman thwarts sexual assault by “repeatedly stabbing” attacker.


A Fort Worth woman used a knife to fight off an attempted sexual assault last week.

Last Friday morning, a Fort Worth woman was returning to her apartment when she was dragged into another unit by a man who attempted to sexually assault her. There had been a string of assaults in the area, and the woman had taken to carrying a small knife. It may have saved her life.


Fort Worth police said they responded to an attempted sexual assault call in the 8300 block of Brentwood Stair Road at about 8 a.m. and met with a woman who said the man grabbed her and pulled her into an apartment.

The woman, who had a small knife, cut the man multiple times in self defense, according to police. She then ran from the apartment and called police.

Police said they searched the area and found the man in an a nearby apartment complex. They took arrested him on a charge of attempted sexual assault and transported him to a hospital with injuries that were not life threatening.

“Right now, they’re pretty severe,” Fort Worth Police Department Cpl. Tracey Knight said of the man’s wounds. “He is going to be in the hospital for probably a little while, so she did a great job of fighting him off.”

If you don’t have a gun, use a knife. If you don’t have a knife, fight back with whatever is at hand. Most importantly, be alert. Situational awareness is the most important defense of all.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Good for her!

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DKU: Woman thwarts sexual assault by “repeatedly stabbing” attacker.

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