Drug War claims another victim? or Irresponsible knife use?


This knife from Amazon is a work-safe image when you Google “knife” and “marijuana”. It has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker for all of you good Samaritan potheads.

I have gone on the record stating my belief that the drug war, not racism, is the root cause for a great deal of the unrest that our country experienced this past summer. Innocent people have been killed by both criminals and cops because the system has failed. Prohibition doesn’t work. See Radley Balko’s latest piece: “Meth isn’t an argument for drug prohibition. It  demonstrates prohibition’s failure” for a good off-topic read.

This latest case out of Louisville isn’t really the fault of the drug-prohibitionists. It is more of a Darwin thing.

From WAVE3.com:

“Police say a man carrying a potted marijuana plant and a knife tripped while trying to cross a fence and fell on his knife, suffering fatal injuries.

Barry Wilson, 40, of Liberty was found dead in his yard Friday. Casey County dispatch notified Kentucky State Police about the body around 6 p.m.

According to a release from KSP, Wilson stabbed himself in the upper left part of the chest and was declared dead on the scene by the Casey County coroner.

Detectives are still investigating the case, but they do not suspect foul play”.

Major buzzkill.


  1. Spencer says:

    When has the prohibition of anything–booze, drugs, prostitution, guns, knives, abortion, etc.–ever been successful, that is in the sense of public safety and quality of life, in any country?

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Drug War claims another victim? or Irresponsible knife use?

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