Drunk monkey attacks bar patrons with a 30cm knife


A monkey went on a knife rampage in a Brazil bar

In today’s installment of animals gone bad, a drunk monkey went on a rampage in a bar in Teixeia, Brazil. I am wondering what laws need to be enacted to prevent a situation like this.  The sales clerk who allowed the monkey to buy the knife should be prosecuted, or did the monkey exploit the “pointy object was laying around loophole?” This madness needs to stop.

From Extra (Brazil – via google translate):

The 4th Battalion of the Military Firefighter of Paraiba (BBM / PB) received a call somewhat unusual in Teixeira city. The owner of a bar in the area had to ask for help because of the threatening presence of an armed capuchin monkey with a machete 30 cm…

-…The monkey was running around the bar, attacking only men, not women. As people were leaving the place, the monkey was drinking cachaça was left in the cups – tells the sergeant, who managed to disarm the animal to ask an employee at the bar approached him.

According Gadelha, the monkey climbed on one of the woman’s shoulders calmly, allowing it to be withdrawn fishwife. In the video below, recorded by a nearby resident bar and published on Thursday, we can see the visitor on the roof of the establishment.

Too bad the video doesn’t show the attack itself. Still looks like a dicey situation though.


update: Fixed the video


  1. cmeat says:

    cachaca makes a fine mojito.

  2. Kevin76 says:

    Drinking and machete wielding….an iresponsible knife owner of the day post?

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Drunk monkey attacks bar patrons with a 30cm knife

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