EDC for CCW: Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Knife

 Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary knife (courtesy boker.de)

OK, so we’re a little late on this one. As the engraving on the tactical liner-locking folding knife above reveals, we missed the diamond anniversary of the Automat Kalashnikov 47 (a.k.a., AK-47) by a year. But hey, if you could wait 65 years for a knife, you could wait another one, da? The more interesting question: is Boker’s Kalashnikov knife as rugged as its firearm counterpart and, thus, does it constitute a suitable accompaniment and, indeed, everyday carry knife for the concealed carry crowd? Well, here’s the official description from Boker’s website . . .

The black anodized aluminum handle features stainless Damascus inlays, and the 440C stainless steel blade boasts a mirror finish and special anniversary logo. Includes pocket clip. Stictly limited to just 199 pieces worldwide. Each piece comes serial numbered, with a certificate. Blade length: 4″. Overall length: 9″. Weight: 6 oz.

So, nyet. The Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary knife is completely unsuitable for everyday carry. It’s WAY too collectible (yet not collectible enough) and far too pretty for the wear and tear of daily knife life. Besides, $339. Hence their continued availability.

But wait! As the official knife maker for the Kalashnikov brand Boker builds “proper” rugged knives worthy of the AK-47 moniker for a lot less than three bills. [Click here for the gallery.] There’s even one with a picatinny rail—albeit at the back of the knife. In Russia, AK-47 style owns you!

The pick of the litter: the Kalashnikov KAL Anniversary. Same great etching, limited edition (650) and a black coated, partially serrated AUS-8 stainless steel blade. $61.95. Dasvidanya baby!


  1. Nate says:

    Their auto version is about $40 at Blade HQ

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EDC for CCW: Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Knife

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