EDC For CCW: Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon

Image courtesy Extrema Ratio

“An Italian knife that isn’t a stiletto switchblade? Surely you jest!”

No, I’m deadly serious. And don’t call me Shirley. Not many Americans have heard of Extrema Ratio, but they represent the high end of Italian-made tactical knives. The BF3, or ‘Basic Folder 3’ is a perfect example.

Unlike many folding knives with tactical aspirations, the Dark Talon’s 4.73″ blade is long enough to reach the vitals, and the thin Wharnecliffe blade is built for efficient penetration.

It wears a deep-carry pocket clip, anodized alloy grips and a liner lock. The flat-ground blade is made from Austrian N690 cobalt stainless, which is said to be comparable to Spyderco VG-10. Users report that the reversible extra-deep pocket clip makes it easy to conceal, as long as your pockets are deep enough to hide the nearly 6″ handle. When open, the Dark Talon measures more than 11.5″ in length. Mama mia, that’s a some spicy meatball!

Extrema Ratio knives aren’t easy for Americans to purchase: there are relatively few authorized vendors, and eBay is swarming with counterfeit Chinese knockoffs. Their $180 price tag is comparable to some upper-end Spyderco designs, but doesn’t make them any less rare.


  1. DrewN says:

    Extremely not legal for carry anywhere I frequent, although if it cost quite a bit less it might be handy for the picnic basket as it appears quite suited to food prep.

  2. Nathan says:

    I probably wouldn’t use that in a tactical role due to what appears to be extremely slick handles

  3. RandallOfLegend says:

    I EDC a Damascus Steel Kershaw Leek 😀 Has never let me down.

    1. Thomas M. says:

      I love my Kershaw Leek. I have the 14c28N reverse tanto version (1660TWS). I’ve tried EDC of many other blades, and always come back to my Leek.

  4. Russ Bixby says:

    I take my chances with an old Barrel Industries automatic. Good knife.

    This one sure is a beauty, though. If Moto Morini made knives…

  5. Blehtastic says:

    Ohio has a Concealed Handgun License, rather than having a concealed weapons permit, so I would not want to get stopped while carrying this.

    If we had a reasonable conceal carry law, I’d probably EDC a Gladius.

  6. William Burke says:

    N690 is a seriously fine blade steel. I wear a Benchmade Steirer Eisen in N690 in my back pocket; if I need a really great edge, that’s the one I go to.

  7. Derek says:

    They’ve got some wicked fixed blade stilettos and daggers on their site.

    1. William Burke says:

      The first Extrema Ratio knives I was aware of were the two-toned camo blades. I think they were a gimme with a Gurkha Cigar promo.

  8. Mark Davis says:

    Hmmm. Smooth handle means poor grip when things get wet, as Nathan observed. Deep carry pocket clip will make deployment more difficult. No real contour in the handle to prevent the hand from slipping up onto the blade when thrusting…. Doesn’t look very “tactical” to me.

  9. Ti-Rod says:

    I’ve been carrying the ER Dark Talon for about a year and a half. Slick handles? Yes. I placed a few pieces of black skate board tape on my DT grip points. Issue solved. Fit and finish is outstanding, equal to my top end Benchmade and Spyderco knives. The big advantage of the Dark Talon is that you get a long blade in a trim and light package. Very similar to the 6″ Cold Steel Ti-Lite, but much less weight and easier to conceal. My 2¢.

    1. Mark Davis says:

      If my gram to ounce conversion is correct, the Dark Talon is about 4.4 oz. I agree – that is very light for a knife this size. The ER website also shows a Dark Talon “Rough” version with a stippled surface. That one sparks my interest.

  10. scubamatt says:

    It reminds me of those Italian supermodels, long and slender and pleasing to the eye…but I’d have trouble wrapping my hand around one comfortably. A little too thin for my tastes I think, but certainly sleek.

  11. Sam L. says:

    The Mercator K55K, had it a pocket clip…

  12. Pat says:

    Only extra large (over 4″ blade) folder I own is a commercial Cuda Maxx (5.5″bld., titanium handle, D2) clip point I paid $99 for. Wish I bought SEVERAL more of them.

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EDC For CCW: Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon

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