EDC for CCW: Remington Model 1100TM 50th Anniversary Knife

Remington Model 11000 50th Anniversary folding knife

“Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) is proud to introduce the Model 1100 50th Anniversary knife to celebrate 50 years of the most famous autoloading shotgun of all times,” the company’s presser proclaims. Hmmm. Famous. Mad Max’s sawn off Bentley? His Winchester model 1912? Nope not autoloaders. (Nor Remingtons.) Give up? “The limited production knives feature ‘B’ grade American walnut handles, the same wood used for the iconic Model 1100 stocks, with a laser-etched signature “R” utilizing the same checkering pattern as the Model 1100 shotguns.” Bah. The Model 1100’s only been around since 1963. However, it remains the world champ for failure-free function. So the knife . . .

The 440A modified stainless steel blade features a nail pull styled after the vent rib of the Model 1100 and a laser-etched “Model 1100 50th Anniversary” inscription. The nickel silver bolsters are serialized from 0001 – 1100 and each Model 1100 50th Anniversary knife is proudly made in the USA. Suggested retail price is $99.90.

Well at least Remington manufactures the 1100TM 50th Anniversary Knife in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. American steel? Most likely. As I’m sure you know, 440A stainless is a good choice for an everyday folding knife; it’s plenty hard and corrosion resistant. Holding an edge? Not so much.

Remington Model 1100 50th Anniversay folding knife (if you couldn't tell)

I reckon owners will have to worry about cutting remarks more than cutting. Gun-branded knives aren’t exactly all the rage over at The Truth About Guns. I wonder why that is . . .


  1. utdmatt says:

    Sounds more like something they would give out to all the workers at the remington factory and corporate.

    If they had used steel just a little bit better I would be interested. Then I would actually want to carry it for light duty.

  2. Pantera Vazquez says:

    Nice looking knife. Definitely not ccw. Does not fit my one hand opening standard.

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EDC for CCW: Remington Model 1100TM 50th Anniversary Knife

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