EDC for CCW: Smith & Wesson M&P Linerlock Knife

Smith & Wesson M&P Linerlock Knife (courtesy amazon.com)

I really liked my Smith & Wesson SWAT knife. The steel wasn’t the world’s best; the Chinese-made blade held an edge like Shannon Richards holds a degree in nuclear particle physics. But the SWAT knife was an ergonomic dream come true (the knife not Ms. Richards although I’m sure that probably applies as well). More to the point (so to speak) the SWAT knife paired beautifully with my beloved Smith & Wesson 686 revolver. The knife and gun shared Quaker-like simplicity, pleasing heft and rock-solid robustness. Until the 686’s internal lock failed and the SWAT knife’s locking system gave up the ghost. Anyway, I’m building me an M&P for IDPA. I reckon the M&P Linerlock Knife would be a suitable edged accompaniment. Amazon acolyte AaronGH is not sure. In fact, you can hear him screaming (in a retro sort of way) DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

I loved the knife when I first got it. It was sharp beautiful. I played around with it a bit at first but did not use it much. I did notice that the release on the side of the knife and the locking mechanism were made of plastic and that worried me.

Summer came around and I started my summer job working on boats. I chose this knife to bring with me every day. I soon noticed that the locking switch did not want to stay locked. It would unlock randomly in my pocked or when the knife was clipped on my belt. Within a month the opening switch on the side broke and stopped working, and shortly there after the lock stopped working all together. Plastic has no business being a part of a knife unless you are using it to spread cream cheese.

I now have a semi useless and unsafe knife.

I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a knife for light use, but if you are looking for a knife that can withstand any amount of abuse DO NOT BUY THIS KNIFE!

As Ralph might say (although he won’t now that I have) it’s too bad my first two wives didn’t come with a similar warning. Still, nothing lasts forever (ain’t that the truth) and the M&P Linerlock Knife is only $33.29 (plus S&H). Not to mention that 93 Amazonians gave it a five-star review. And . . .

Oh, oh, oh it’s magic! The M&P Linerlock Knife has Smith’s MAGIC assisted opening system. And by God it’s fast! That 4034 stainless steel blade comes out like a teenage Georgia gypsy. Which is great! Right until it isn’t.


  1. Nate says:

    As a general rule, I stay away from knives made by gun companies

    1. Jason says:

      This is good advice.

  2. Shorr Khan says:

    If you want an inexpensive assisted opening knife, look at some of the lower end Kershaw knives. They are well built (albeit in China) and will last. They are NOT light though.

    1. pastubbs says:

      Actually Kershaw has some decent USA made inexpensive assisted opening knives.

      1. Shorr Khan says:

        I know. I own practically every assisted opening Kershaw currently available 🙂 More than one of some of them.

    2. StPatrick_TN says:

      I have a Kershaw / Ken Onion Leek that only cost a few dollars more than the OP’s knife, but it works and has worked every time for several years now. It also came with the best factory edge I’ve ever seen, but it was my first good knife, so take that as you will.

      1. MarcusAurelius says:

        Yeah, I have to agree with the kudos to Kershaw. Both the clash an cryo have come with better edges than my Zero Tolerance’s and my benchmade (I was feeling rich once). The clash was sadly left in a hotel room. I love my kershaw, I had to weigh in.

  3. Pantera Vazquez says:

    Gun companies should stick to guns, as it is what they do. Smith and Wesson if they choose to have knives made with their logo could and should do better than made in China.

  4. Sam L. says:

    That’s a really ugly knife, to my eyes. Looks like a Bud K special.

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EDC for CCW: Smith & Wesson M&P Linerlock Knife

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