EDC Update: Alaska Knife Law Preemption, Switchblade Bill Moves Forward

Image courtesy Alaska State Legislature

You can’t see Russia from Juneau, but you can see knife law reform moving closer and closer. The Alaska legislature has just combined HB 33 and SB 11, the respective House and Senate versions of a bill that would preempt local knife laws and legalize automatic knives and gravity knives for anyone over 18. This puts the 49th state on track to join the trend toward knife law reform. Click here for the text of HB 33.

Here’s the press release from the American Knife And Tool Institute:

Alaska Legislation Will Legalize Switchblades, Gravity Knives

UPDATE (April 2, 2013) – Yesterday was a landmark day for Alaskan knife owners. HB 33 and SB 11 were combined. What is needed now before the session ends on April 14 is for HB 33 to pass the Senate and receive a concurrence in the House. Doing so will make it legal for an adult 18 years and older to own a Switchblades [sic] and Gravity knife.

We note that a nearly identical bill died in the Alaska legislature in 2012, and hopefully nothing will happen in the next 10 days to stall it this time around. Every state should be passing similar laws, although we know that some states (cough Jersey cough) will move forward into the 20th century if and when dogs get wings.

North To The Future!



  1. Steve in MA says:

    It’s funny, I got a few different tacti-cool folders in the last 18 months and liked them a lot. Got a new Buck 110 the other day and freaking love it. It’s my new EDC. Gotta love the classics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bolivar nodded. “There is a a small pedestrian entrance, as well as a garage entrance for armored van deliveries.”

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EDC Update: Alaska Knife Law Preemption, Switchblade Bill Moves Forward

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