EDC Update: Texas Joins Tennessee, Considers Switchblade Legalization

Image courtesy the Texas Tribune

After several decades on the wrong side of the legislative tracks, automatic knives (aka ‘switchblades’) are finally being de-stigmatized in state capitols across the nation. Representative Harold Dutton, shown here (D-Houston) has introduced HB 936, which would repeal current Texas law prohibiting the possession, transfer, repair, manufacture or importation of automatic-opening knives . . .

A companion bill from Representative Jonathan Strickland, HB 1299, would expand the Lone Star State’s firearm law pre-emption to include knives, sprays and Tasers as well.  At press time, approximately 30 states now allow automatic knives. Several more are considering such action, including Alaska, Indiana, Tennessee and Kansas.

My own state of Washington only recently legalized assisted-opening knives, but state law still prohibits automatics and there’s no local pre-emption statute. I can only hope that Olympia joins the rest of the nation soon.


  1. C says:

    I’ve always thought of switchblades as a novelty item more than anything else.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      I had a POS Tijuana switchblade once, and it could barely cut wet newspaper. A quality automatic knife is a completely different piece of kit, and a Benchmade or high-end Kershaw automatic is wickedly cool. Not that I have any 🙁

      1. C says:

        I’m all for repealing BS regs, but i’ll keep my assisted opener.

  2. Pascal says:

    If I can have a permit to carry a gun, why can I not carry a knife? Why is the knife more dangerous then my pistol?

    1. C says:

      Va CCW’s do cover switchblades. =D

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EDC Update: Texas Joins Tennessee, Considers Switchblade Legalization

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