Editor’s Note: A Comment About Comments

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We think your comments are awesome, even when those comments point out that (occasionally, maybe) we ourselves haven’t been all that awesome. If you disagree with us, state your thesis and be prepared to defend it. As a lawyer, I bloody well love to debate, and I particularly like to finish a good debate with a drink between new friends. Disagreement need not be disagreeable, after all.

And if we screw up and make a factual mistake, please point out the error of our ways in a (polite) comment or email. You wouldn’t believe how much time we spend checking the particulars of some of our stories, but we really try to get things right and that takes some effort. We’ll look into it promptly, unless I’m stuck in court or on the highway in the middle of nowhere. And if we f-ed up, we’ll fix it.

We recently made a factual error in one of our posts, and a reader spotted it and made a strongly negative comment about it. The comment was filed under the name ‘anon’ which is totally fine with me. I’m one of the few people who has to comment under my own name (it’s my place, after all) and there are plenty of legitimate reasons to keep your real name away from the automatic spam-bots that scan every comment on every blog that’s ever been posted.

We amended the text and corrected our mistake. Problem solved.

I want to make it clear that our/my screwups are fair game: just keep the comments civil and give us a chance to fix what we’ve gotten wrong. If we really laid an egg, email me at thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you personally. Just don’t use a phony email address; that’s a one-way ticket to the spam filter.

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for your comments.

Chris Dumm, Editor



  1. Aharon says:

    Chris, this is a great new site and you’re doing a great job. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into The Truth About Knives. Your point about keeping constructive criticisms civil and factual is valid and fair.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      When can I persuade you to review that Becker you’ve got? 🙂

      1. jwm says:

        I’d be interested in that. I like the looks of the Becker’s but haven’t used one. I wonder how they rate against a Cold Steel SRK?

        1. Aharon says:


          The Becker full tang blades are great. Some people have criticized the handles as being too slippery when wet with water or if there is blood on them. Options exist to easily and inexpensively increase the friction on the handles or to even replace them with micarta handles which I did on my BK5. For fun, we stripped the black protective coating material off my BK5 and soaked it in vinegar for an hour to give it an old knife look. Next, I plan on ordering a hand made leather sheath for it to replace the plastic sheath that it cam with.

      2. Aharon says:

        I have two Beckers; the BK2 and BK5. There is actually a review on the Internet of a man cutting apart an old heavy steel lawnmower chassis and a steel heater thing with the BK2 blade. The pictures are shocking at what the blade was capable of doing. Scroll down from top to bottom of the link below.


    1. Clay Aalders says:

      I want to second what Chris said.

      My personal areas of expertise are woodcraft related. I do not claim to have the knowledge of a Sara Ahrens on tactical gear matters. But I understand her background and credentials, and so while I am not personally familiar with the Ripcord (or many OTF knives for that matter), I don’t require a very large grain of salt to believe that it is a heck of a knife based on her recommendation.

      I welcome dissenting opinions, and the (hopefully) rare outright correction on anything I post.

      When the big boss, Robert Farago, started The Truth About Guns, he had by his own admission, more enthusiasm than top-level expertise. That is why he, (and we) want to surround ourselves with folks who have knowledge and experience that exceed our own.

      Thank you all for reading and commenting.

  2. ChuckN says:

    A willingness to be corrected shows that the staffers of this site
    are already above and beyond most media outlets. Keep it up.

  3. gringito says:

    Chris, I agree, this is a great new site. However, why being so DRAMAAAAAATIC about reasonable criticism and different opinions? Accept it. It happens. Disputes in their classic meaning are part of our culture, the scientific culture, journalism (!)and, naturally, in law. You as a lawyer should know this best.

    But don´t take criticism and different opinions as an offense against your self-perception, against the site, etc. etc…
    “We amended the text and corrected our mistake. Problem solved”.
    So maybe the mistake and that fact that somebody noticed it was the wound that huert. So what? Ok, make things better next time if something went wrong – but there is no need to justify everything.

    Keep going!

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Editor’s Note: A Comment About Comments

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