Ethan Becker’s Independence Day Rumination (via Knife Rights)

Ethan Becker Ben Franklin

Ethan Becker Franklin

Ethan Becker likes to brag that his Knife Rights membership number is 002. The role of knives in the Second Amendment is a philosophical absolute to him, and fits neatly into this wonderfully articulated message he composed for the latest Knife Rights News Slice.


The Glorious Fourth
by Ethan Becker


Soon after Doug invited me to write a few words on Independence Day, I spent half a day assembling the ingredients for the ritual feast of the Glorious Fourth. As I was cruising the overflowing bounty of food we are lucky to enjoy for just the right comestibles, I was also ruminating on what I wanted to say about the founding of this country that I love.

Our Founders, of disparate faiths, backgrounds, professions and political beliefs, managed to create what I believe was a political miracle–a revolution that actually worked and one that has served its citizens so well that the result became the greatest engine for human good in all of history.

There had never been, and still has not been, any revolution greater than the concept of limited governance and that of the sovereignty of the individual over the state.

Others may have had the ideas, but the founders, the signers of what is arguably the greatest single political document of all history, got the details ever so right. Other great men created revolutions in other places that have tried to emulate the miracle of the Declaration and The Constitution and some have come close. Still, I think they always have fallen a bit short, or too often, very short. My own great, great grandfather found it necessary to exit Germany in a very great hurry for attempting to create there what had been accomplished just a few decades earlier here. It got very close a couple of centuries later.

The idea of The United States, the concept of American Exceptionalism, of the people’s sovereignty, is embodied in this incredible document that we celebrate today. It is also wonderfully impressive that it is such a short and easy read, this guiding light for our freedoms.

So, between the first burger and the first few deviled eggs and the last hot dog and the last beer, give a thought or two and a modicum of thanks to the people and the truths that the Founders held self evident, and the ideas that launched this Grand Engine that we call America.

Ethan Becker
Knife Rights Board of Directors
Becker Knife & Tool®
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  1. Sam L. says:

    I pledge allegiance…

  2. cmeat says:

    thank you, mr. becker for encouraging good food and food for thought.

  3. Roger Crist says:

    Thank you, Ethan.

    Happy Birthday, America.

    Suck it, King George.

  4. Pantera Vazquez says:

    America, land of the free, because of the brave. Happy Birthday

  5. Wil Milan says:

    Great words of wisdom, Ethan. Next SHOT, your dinner’s on me.

    1. How I wish you could have made it to the next SHOT show, my love. But, alas, it was not to be. Missing you terribly.
      Your wife,

  6. “… One Nation under God…” despite those who would have us be “…one nation OVER God…”

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Ethan Becker’s Independence Day Rumination (via Knife Rights)

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