Facebook Cover Contest: Detective Novel Edition

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Not Knife Porn, but that was never a requirement for the contest.

The contest entry deadline has officially passed (though if you get me something by the end of the week I will probably sneak it in).  I will be compiling all entries into a single post to get TTAK reader input on whom should be the winner.

We obviously love knife porn, but this entry by reader Evan C. took me at my word that submissions did not need to be a still life shot.  I like this picture, both because it is unique and creative, and also because it reminds me of an old school crime novel cover. What do you think?

The background image is actually an 800x zoom of knife edge that was taken by Clay Allison, who runs a really in depth blog about blade sharpening.  A good surf if you have some time to go chasing rabbits.

That wraps up the contest.   Thanks again to everyone.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Thanks for that link to Clay Allison!

    1. Pretty in depth sharpening blog. Great photography.

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Facebook Cover Contest: Detective Novel Edition

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