Favorite Knife You Can No Longer Buy?

We may be living in a golden age of cutlery, but that doesn’t mean we get everything we want. Products get discontinued, companies go under. Sometimes a knife is only produced as a limited run, and by the time you can afford it, they are long since gone. If you could go back in time and pluck up one of these items, what would it be?

As for me, where to start? My one knife, if I had to narrow it down, is a double whammy; a limited run knife from a now defunct company. I am a big fan of Knife Rights Founder Doug Ritter’s knife designs, and the hardest one of his blades to find was a small gentleman’s knife made by Lone Wolf Knives (back before the name was scooped up by Benchmade) called the RSK Mk4.

A collaboration with Paul Poehlmann, the knife used Paul’s Presto frame and patented Axial Lock (colloquially, the Paul Lock) and married it to a small S30V recurve blade of Doug’s design. Only 300 were made and they always struck me as beautiful.

The silver tweed G10 looks for all the world like carbon fiber, and together with the stonewashed blade, the knife practically sparkles without being obnoxious. It wouldn’t look out of place next to a fancy wristwatch or set of cufflinks.

When I first became aware of them they were still available for sale, but the knife was beyond my meager budget at the time. I should have figured out a way to get one anyway, because once they were all gone I have only seen two pop up for sale secondhand in the years since, each going for well over the original purchase price.

I did manage to snag one of those two, paying $375 for it a few years ago, which was the most I had ever spent on a knife up to that point. The other knife went for even more!

I could have gotten two of them with that much money when they were new, and I would love to have a second one now; as it stands the knife is too irreplaceable for me to risk carrying and using it.

I am lucky enough to have purchased a few spares of Doug’s discontinued Benchmade knives before they were gone, so I’m in good shape there, but the RSK Mk4 will only be something nice to look at and fiddle with on occasion, which is a true shame.

What about you? What is your favorite discontinued knife?




  1. Doug Ritter says:

    HA! Made my morning, in a wistful sort of way. If it makes you feel any better, I only have one myself. And, it has been relegated to safe queen as well. At the time, it was nicknamed the “Glitter Ritter,” which fit well enough.

    What many folks don’t know is that there were 600 blades made. 300 were built with the silver tweed G10 handles. The plan was to build the next 300 with some other, at the time undetermined, handle material, but we were talking about carbon fiber with stonewashed DLC coated frame. Then Benchmade took over. Somewhere in that exchange the left over 300 blades went missing. And, then Benchmade discovered what a PITA the Paul Knife was to build and that was the end of them. :=(

    I was honored, and still am, that Paul agreed to do that collaboration, his one and only. I sent him a sketch of the blade that I wanted to pair with the handle, which he loved. We discussed it and he said okay.

    Thanks very much for the mention and your kind words about my knives.

    And, as an aside, an original Camillus Robo Power Cuda Dominator in S30V is also one of my safe queens. IMHO, one of the very best assisted-openers ever. And, have both a BK5 and BK15 as safe queens, as well as one each I occasionally still use.

    I am amazed at what my RSK Mk1 knives are going for on eBay and elsewhere. Haven’t given up on designing knives. Never know what the future may bring….

    Thanks, again, for the walk down memory lane.

    Doug Ritter

    1. Thanks for dropping by and the extra background info Doug!

      The only other Mk4 I’ve seen in the flesh is Ethan’s #002. He is lucky I already found one, or I would still be twisting his arm for it!

      It’s too bad that second batch of blades never materialized.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    I always wanted one of Chris Reeves’s 1-piece hollow-handle survival knives, specifically the Sable pattern. They were real heirloom-quality knives.

  3. Tomcat_AL200 says:

    Most of the Washington and Seki, Japan made SOG fixed blades, like the S1 Bowie, Recon Bowie in SK-5, Tigershark, etc.

    I consider myself fortunate to have been able to find an Original SCUBA/DEMO at a Flea Market, and pick up a SEAL 2000, Pentagon, Desert Dagger, Tech Bowie II, Tomcat III san-mai and a some of their USA made multi tools along the way.

    1. Chase M. says:

      I have to agree with your choices. The seki versions that were being produced when SOG hit the market were some of the best made knives they produced. Those blades had a lively feel, just like some high end custom knives. The original version of the SOG Trident is my choice. Grats on the scuba/demo, it’s a nice one as well….

  4. Sam L. says:

    The original style Gerber Mk.II combat knife with the wasp-waist blade. I’ve read the original model had the handle cranked off about 5 degrees from the blade. Later models were in-line.

  5. Billy says:

    Benchmade 151 Fixed Griptilian Knife

    1. I had one of those for a long time! Cool knife. I let it go after acquiring the Doug Ritter version. Seeing a pattern here? 😀

  6. Jake says:

    A genuine Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. All I can find are poorly made replicas.

  7. cwp says:

    I miss the AFCK.

  8. Cadeyrn says:

    I’ve never owned one or even held one, but I’ve been fascinated by the near-legendary status of the Gerber LHR. It looks really nice but you can’t even touch one for less than 3-5x the original list price.

    Anyone actually held one? Does it live up to the hype?

  9. Ourorboros says:

    1) There are enough I missed out on that I can’t remember. This is in part because
    2) I was way from the EDC world for some time. Like between 2002 to 2016. So a huge amount of stuff came and went without my knowing. By the time I found out about them (if at all) they were long gone.

    That said, the Moki MK-01, a repro of one of their original slip joints.
    The AG Russell Pinched Peanut with anything other than Mammoth Ivory covers.
    Any number of Schatt & Morgan File and Wire slippies, as well as Queen Cutlery pre-GEC.
    Some custom Japanese knives whose makers retired.

    Some of those are $$$, so they aren’t spur of the moment buys for me. Japanese makers predominate, but the patterns are actually Western, or Western based. It isn’t a Japanese fetish so much as the excellence of execution.

  10. Andy of the Border Patrol says:

    The Benchmade 750 was a great value and the Boker Albatros. Both were great values and well executed.

  11. Overload in CO says:

    Chris Reeve Umfaan lefty. These small sebenzas are hard enough to find, impossible to find left handed. I didn’t get one at the time as it doesn’t have a clip, and regret it.

  12. cmeat says:

    no such thing. it’s all still for sale.

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Favorite Knife You Can No Longer Buy?

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