Final “Three” Jack-o-Lantern Winners (and a question)

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Stephen T’s Bowser Pumpkin was Jonathan’s Choice for the Kershaw/Emerson

Jonathan was super busy with life stuff, and we just touched base on finishing the contest. He writes:  “As for my pick, I’m totally going for pumpkin #3 due to it’s well-done execution and gamer nostalgia. I award #3, the Kershaw Emerson! ” So unless Stephen really has his heart set on the Spidey, that blade will be on it’s way soon.

That leaves “Clay’s Choice” to be decided. It comes down to ambition versus execution. I liked how Roger set his bar high and recreated the famous photograph of Edgar Allen Poe. In the end I am choosing Sean’s flaming skull due to it’s clean lines and execution.

I was about to buy a 4th knife for Roger, but not because I am one of those “every kid gets a trophy” people. With only 4 entries, it just didn’t sit right with me that a single person was left out. However, Jonathan once again stepped to the plate.


Jonathan donated a 4th knife from his collection, a Kershaw Echelon. His generosity has our deepest gratitude.

Unsolicited, Jonathan decided to donate a Kershaw Echelon as well. As I mentioned when I announced the contest, all of these knives are “like new”. Jonathan is paring down his collection, and while not “new-in-box”, none of these knives has seen more than a couple of days of pocket carry, and just never made it into his rotation. We thank him for making this contest possible.

Sean gets pick 3, (Spydie or Kershaw) and Roger will get the last remaining knife. Thank you guys for participating. I will try to work my connections and get us a couple of knives donated from a manufacturer for our next contest.

Right now I am thinking of a scar contest, or if I can get a really exceptional prize might go with a full-blown reader essay contest, but I am open to suggestions.

What do you all think would make a good contest subject? 




  1. Andrew Colglazier says:

    I suggest an essay contest on why people don’t carry knives.

  2. Jon M. says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Get that contact information emailed in and I’ll ship these bad boys your way.

    Either of those contests sounds interesting for sure, but I bet many answers as to why one woudn’t carry a knife is “idiotic state laws where I live”. Which is an unfortunate state of affairs for sure.

  3. DanV says:

    A scars contest would be pretty cool. While I’ve come across some people with some great scars I thankfully don’t have anything I would consider contest worthy.

    A reader’s review contest would be quite interesting. I’m sure every one has a knife they’d like to tell people about.

  4. Sean says:

    that’s awesome thank you so much to Clay for picking my pumpkin, and thank you even more to johnaton for providing the knives!!! I would love to have the Spyderco as i have never had one and have really been looking at a few of them. Thanks!

  5. Sean says:

    also i think that a reader essay contest would be really cool!

  6. Roger says:

    Whatever knife doesn’t get picked by the others, save it as a prize for the next competition. I would like to see an open ended essay contest personally. TTAG did one and it generated a lot of content by all sorts of people, many of whom aren’t even very active in their comments section.

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Final “Three” Jack-o-Lantern Winners (and a question)

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