First Impression Review: Peachsmith Chimera

Earlier this week we ran Teddy Peacher’s “5 from the Grinder” piece, and I mentioned he was sending me a Chimera to test. It arrived today I like it even more than when I first saw one at BladeShow 2015. I have become spoiled by so many great fixed-blade knives, that I am falling out of love with my production folders. I have been wanting to EDC a custom folding knife.

I will obviously be putting the Chimera through the whole TTAK battery of tests, but also simply carry and use it as much as possible in the coming weeks. I want to test the utility of a friction folder and see how much I miss a mechanical lock. Will the higo no kami  style tab get in the way in my pocket, especially with the bottle opener?

My first impression is that this is a well-made knife. The fit and finish are superb. I would expect nothing less of a Will Woods protege. The knife operates smoothly, with a crisp detent holding the blade closed or open. The tab is comfortable under the thumb, good jimping without going overboard – which is important because your thumb is the “locking mechanism”.

I love the blend of modern-style with a more traditional mechanism, but still more technical in nature with the mechanical detents. I like the look.

The ergonomics are nice if not exceptional, though I like how the clip/non-scale side almost feels like a “swell” in the hand.

My only knock on the knife thus far is the pocket clip. It feels strange against your hand, not uncomfortable but noticeable in the palm. It is also much too tight. It needs to have a steeper approach bevel to the pocket or it needs more give in the clip. I was wearing one of my thinner pairs of shorts and putting it into my pocket was a two handed affair. I tweaked it a bit.

One last thing I was impressed with. I knew from Teddy’s Instagram post I was getting a knife that he remanufactured a bit, but he still sent it with a very nice felt pouch that he actually took the time to shrink-wrap, like he would send it to a customer (disclosure: It is my impression that this one is a loaner). A nice touch and it was nice to get the experience of unpackaging the knife as opposed to it simply being wrapped in paper in a USPS box.

Follow @knifetruth on Instagram if you want to see how the testing progresses. Come back and check out the full review in about a month.



  1. DanV says:

    I have been crazy about this design since I first saw it during your coverage of Blade ’15. Is he still taking orders for this design and what is the cost range?

    1. Hey DanV,

      At this time, all full-size 3″ Chimera are currently deployed except for one remaining for some special treatment. I do however have a smaller 2″ Chimera ready to ship and several waiting. Those would begin at $250 depending on finish.
      I am currently working on developing the second generation, and a small production run will occur depending on pre-orders.

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First Impression Review: Peachsmith Chimera

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