First impression review: WorkSharp Tools Guided Sharpening System

David has cultivated contacts at the WorkSharp Tools Company and they were kind enough to send him the Ken Onion edition of their WorkSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener a while back, which he absolutely fell in love with. They subsequently sent David their Guided Sharpening System which he has forwarded onto me in the interest of mixing it up a bit.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box this afternoon is the robust weight of the unit. It feels quite well constructed. The unit is extremely intuitive to use, though a quick perusal of the fold-out instruction poster will speed refinement of your technique.


The WorkSharp Guided Sharpening System in action.

I decides to take the unit for a spin with my Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife. I have been using a Lansky Diamond SharpStick which has kept the edge at a constant state of adequacy, but it was due for a good working over.

Since it is a kitchen knife, I set the guide wedges to 17º (these can be flipped to 20º for camping and EDC blades) and started with the rough diamond plate. The first thing I noticed was that the “pivot response”  which allows the plate to tilt did a great job of maintaining contact with the edge as I reached the curved portion of the blade.


Using the ceramic honing rod

Once I worked up a nice burr, I switched to the fine plate, and then finally to the ceramic honing rod. If you have the kit of additional accessories, you would now use the leather strop. I only was given the basic, but the results were extremely impressive nonetheless.


In less than 10 minutes, my knife was arm-shaving sharp.

Arm hair shaved off easily, and the “phone-book” test sent a cascade of paper flying.


another paperback truncated in the name of science.

Finally, the knife was ready to bring inside and present to my wife who had been asking me to sharpen it for a while. I grabbed a freshly washed grape from the strainer, and conclusively demonstrated the effectiveness of the WorkSharp Guided Sharpening System.



The picture speaks for itself. I still need to try serrated knives and scissors, but I am extremely impressed with the Guided Sharpening System in the short time I have used it.

Thanks to WorkSharp for providing us with the unit, and thanks David for letting me give it a spin.

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First impression review: WorkSharp Tools Guided Sharpening System

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