Fixed Blade Friday: Do you ever EDC one?

I dropped a text to Big Chris Berry this morning to let him know I was thinking of him. This was because I decided to strap on my Bird & Trout as my primary EDC for the day. I am actually wrapping up my review of his Wolverine, but as much as I am a fan of that knife, it is a little much for carry around Knoxville.

Ever since I purchased my Kim Breed Model 15, I have been a big fan of Inside Waist-Band carrying fixed blades. Granted, through the hard work of KnifeRights, I can carry anything I want in Tennessee – fixed or folding. I could strap a Scottish Claymore to my back and walk down the street if I wanted to. But I am sure it would cause a few turned heads, and even a casual inquiry from the local Constabulary.

That is why I usually carry my fixed-blade knives concealed, be they on the belt or around the neck. I am not counting open carry of a bushcraft-style knife when I am driving too or from the river while dressed in fishing clothes. As one gets closer to the Smoky Mountains, the combination of clothing and knife becomes less and less remarkable. However, around town a large fixed-blade knife still draws a look or two. So IWB carry just is the path of least resistance. Especially if one doesn’t want to take it off going into the library or school for a quick minute.

Here are the fixed-blades in my EDC rotation.

My Breed is usually my fixed blade EDC of choice, though I will carry a knife for testing or if the mood suits me. As I said, today it was the Big Chris. I also will still carry the KnifeArt Razorback, which I decided to purchase after writing my review.

I do belt carry a fixed blade from time to time. Usually when I do it is my Caleb White Penance, or the Helle Mandra. The former is just a knife that I love to use, but need to make a point of doing so. The latter is nice because it’s wooden handle, leather sheath, and small size make it particularly non-threatening to all but the most hoplophobic types. As for neck knives, I really like the slim profile of the CRKT Minimalist which doesn’t print, even under most t shirts. The Minuteman Adjutant, which I am currently testing, is better worn openly.


Do any of you rock a fixed-blade as part of your EDC kit?


What do you think? Good to wear for a walk downtown?

Just for poops and grins I want to strap on my Nordsmith Canteen Knife one day and just wear it around town. Just to see if anyone says anything.


  1. Robert Evans says:

    I have several small fixed-blades I EDC. My current EDC is a Li’l MUK by the defunct Blind Horse Knives partnership, it has a 2″ blade. I’ve also EDC’d a Randall Salt Water Fisherman 3″, a Skeleton Key by L.T. Wright knives, and a custom stag-handled knife with 2″ blade by knifemaker J. Michael McRae.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Chris Berry made me an EDC knife a couple yrars back, and I rock it once or twice a week. Ive found 7 inch overall length to be my sweet spot.

  3. Sean says:

    Yeah I have tons. Wm1, izula, bk, Enzo neck, Eldris, gmf1, some others but those are the best, the eldris and the giant mouse are the standouts by far. The gmf1 disappears in your pocket and is great in kitchen and the eldris is way fatter but an amazing carving knife, they both weigh next to nothing as well.

  4. knightofbob says:

    I’m definitely considering one. Currently, the closest I get is the CRKT Obake I keep in my jacket (which I guess counts as EDC from roughly September through May). Really, it was an impulse buy, but being cheaper and lighter than the Buck 110 I used to keep in the same pocket, it seemed like a logical switch.

  5. cmeat says:

    drop point minimalist in the front pants pocket. i should finger out a way to iwb my taiwan “loveless.”

  6. Honzo says:

    I have been wearing a Benchmade SOCP for over a year and my constant companion for well over six months except at work and in the shower. Only part of the ring is visible when clipped inside my trousers. The sheath can even clip to my boxers and is almost imperceptible even when sleeping. It is useful for opening boxes and envelopes, which are the major tasks I use a knife for daily.
    I recently bought the Spartan Blades CQB Tool as the steel is supposed to be better. It’s blade is about 2/10″ shorter but otherwise seems exactly the same. It fits equally well in the Benchmade sheath. The Spartan Blades sheath is probably better than the Benchmade for attaching to vests or packs, but that is outside my area of experience. I will suggest to Spartan that they license or sell the Benchmade sheath under their name, or make a similar alternative. I like that the SOCP/CQB Tool can be presented instantly to get someone to back off, and will allow quick transition to my pistol without having to drop the blade. This became a concern particularly when driving my convertible with the top down in the city.
    I usually also carry a tiny Swiss Army tool with scissors and blade and a larger folder — at present the CS Tiger Claw.
    A CCW license is required to wear a concealed fixed blade in KY. The law is less clear on folders if you do not have a CCW license. Open carry of weapons is legal under the KY Constitution. With luck, the license requirement may be revoked this year.

    1. Good thing my TN and KY have reciprocity 🙂

  7. Sam L. says:

    Nope. Folders only.

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Fixed Blade Friday: Do you ever EDC one?

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