Florida woman arrested with more than 3,500 edged-tools.


Florida Deputies discovered more than 3500 bladed-tools as well as Satanic altars in the home of a woman who attacked them when they were attempting to serve warrants.

Florida is always fertile ground for bizarre knife news. In this latest case, Sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve Nikole Dykema, 47, with outstanding warrants and were attacked with a sword. This was just one of more than 3500 edged tools that were recovered from the home.

From the Tampa Bay Tribune:

“Deputies responded to Nickole Dykema’s home at 12110 Eldorado Ave. just before 10 p.m. to serve multiple felony warrants, according to a release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Dykema was seen looking at deputies through a broken window but refused to come out and disappeared back into the residence, where she cursed at deputies and told them to “leave her property,” according to the release.

After other deputies arrived, they decided to force their way into the home and were met by Dykema who had a large sword or machete in her hand, deputies said. Dykema tried to stab one sergeant, missing his face and head by inches, according to the release.

She then retreated back into the home and deputies could see her hiding behind a blanket with a sword, deputies said…”

“…At one point, Dykema picked up some of the weapons and advanced toward deputies, according to the release.

Deputies told her to drop the weapons and when she refused she was shot with a bean bag, which hit her in the abdomen or thigh, authorities said.

Dykema retreated back into the home and authorities continued to negotiate with her.

When she emerged from her hiding place, deputies, who were ducking behind shields at the front door, ordered her to show her hands and turn around. Dykema turned as if she was going to retreat back into the home and was shot with a stun gun, deputies said. She fell to the ground and was arrested.

I admit that I have acquired what I considered to be the beginnings of a nice knife collection. This woman was on a whole new plane of existence, in more ways than one.

She faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest without violence, property damage/criminal mischief and three counts of violation of probation.

A search of the home revealed more than 3,500 bladed weapons, deputies said.

“This person was obviously dangerous to the community,” said Hernando Sheriff Al Nienhuis. “It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured.”

Danger to the community indeed. If you watch the video, there is surveillance tape of her cutting the screen from her neighbors’ window, for no known reason. At least they didn’t blame her behavior on the knives.


  1. Spencer says:

    Gosh, isn’t America’s mental health system the envy of the world?

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Florida woman arrested with more than 3,500 edged-tools.

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