Florida woman threatens brother with a knife for eating last pierogi

photo via Cleveland.com

After God made “Florida Man“, he created “Florida Woman” so that he would not be lonely and have someone to make the police blotter with. In this latest incident, a 36-year old Jupiter woman threatened to disembowel her brother for eating the last of her frozen peirogi.

From DailyMailUK:

What started as a verbal spat between the brother and sister over a plate of Polish dumplings quickly escalated and spilled outside the residence.

According to a police report cited by the Palm Beach Post, having been deprived of her hearty meal, Rounds flew into a homicidal rage and pulled a large dagger on her brother, threatening to slice the Eastern European treats out of his stomach.

The infuriated sister then allegedly used the knife to stab the hood of a truck where her brother’s girlfriend was sitting.

When police were called to the scene, Rounds had already left but officers tracked her down a half-mile from the house.

As someone born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I am well acquainted with the culinary delight that is the Polish pierogi. I have sampled the offerings from some of the best pierogi establishments in Cleveland, I would never resort to violence if denied a plate of pillowy goodness. Especially not one of frozen pierogi.

Mandy Rounds, 36, needs to have better taste in dumplings.

And if the above story was not amusing enough, there is this…

Raviogie: I am not sure if they have the death penalty in Poland for that abomination, but they should.



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  2. cmeat says:

    i remember this one… still have the trib clipping.


    if you search up “stabs pork chop” there are a number of recent instances as well.

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Florida woman threatens brother with a knife for eating last pierogi

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