Forged in Fire Season 3 Premier tonight at 9ET


Just a reminder that Forged in Fire, the highest rated knife-themed show ever, has its Season 3 premier tonight at 9ET on the History Channel.

Fort those that can’t wait for tonight, they are running a marathon of Seasons 1&2 now. Or you could visit the official site at for more exclusive video content like the one below the jump.


Who else has already set their DVR?




  1. Cadeyrn says:

    Woo-hoo, can’t wait!!! Made my first knives 20 years ago (they were… bad) and finally got back around to taking some modern classes and new ones on current equipment with current tech last year. Let me just say how very much power hammers rock and make the process much more enjoyable!

  2. Sam L. says:

    My DVR is set to “Record Series”.

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Forged in Fire Season 3 Premier tonight at 9ET

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