Former Texas A&M receiver kills jogger in machete attack


Former Texas A&M receiver Thomas Johnson attacked and killed a jogger in what is being described as a completely random attack.

No, it wasn’t Johnny Manziel, he only killed his career by blowing off the whole professional football thing. It was however on of Manziel’s favorite targets from his 2012 Heisman season, Thomas Johnson.


“A man told Dallas police he was angry about his living situation Monday morning when he picked a jogger at random in a popular Northeast Dallas park and attacked him with a “large-edged weapon,” killing him.

An eyewitness to the brutal killing, identified only as Brandon, told NBC 5 he was cycling along the White Rock Creek Trail at Harry Moss Park when he saw a man hacking another man with a machete where the trail passes underneath the Walnut Hill Lane overpass.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson showed signs of mental illness. According to Deadspin:

“Johnson withdrew from Texas A&M and left the team as a freshman in December 2012 a few weeks after he was reported missing on campus before being found in his hometown of Dallas.

“I think he’s trying to decide where he is, if he’s coming back, if he comes back next semester, if he’s going to take the year off or if he’s going to transfer,” Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin said at the time. “In my conversations with him that’s where he is. He’s just trying to figure out what his next step is going to be.”

It is a shame that no one stepped up to help him when he was obviously struggling. Or if they did it didn’t help.

Unfortunately, this case illustrates what the civilian disarmament complex clearly misses in their focus on the weapons that killers use. It doesn’t matter. It is unlikely that Johnson couldn’t get a gun legally if he had chosen. There is no indication that he had committed a disqualifying act.

However, once a mind has been made up to kill, it doesn’t matter what tools are chosen. Johnson didn’t use a gun, he used a knife. He could have just as easily used a car like this Palestinian (before he hacked up an Israeli who was on the ground).

I have no idea if the park was a weapons free zone. I am however quite certain that Johnson didn’t care.


  1. Steve Day says:

    Was it one of those deadly military-style Assault-Machetes?

  2. Nick says:

    I don’t believe the park is a “weapons free zone” as it’s a City park so they can’t ban lawful concealed carry. It is illegal, as I understand the law, to carry a machete in TX.

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Former Texas A&M receiver kills jogger in machete attack

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