Friday Film Fest: Blade Show Edition

I did my best to bring you comprehensive coverage of the Blade Show, and I appreciate your affirmative feedback. But I know I only covered a fraction of what there was to see. I am in the middle of putting together “Blade Show Booth Visits” for many manufacturers, including Case, Al Mar, Helle, Wilmont, Medford, and Benchmade. I took a lot of pictures and notes, and will begin posting write-ups of these visits Sunday or Monday.

I did not however, shoot video. That is a whole new ballgame and skill set that is not in my current repertoire. But I did meet a couple of video-bloggers at CRKT’s Chopfest. One of them is Tim Carpenter of the YouTube Channel “Everyday Tactical Vids“. He shot two videos at the Benchmade booth, the one above is an overview of their new folders, including the 5400 Serum which is my celebration gift for Tennessee Knife Freedom Day on July 1st when automatic knives become legal in the Volunteer State.

The one below is an in-depth look at the new Benchmade Steep Canyon Hunt Series knife. I was very interested in this blade, as it is in my woodcraft wheelhouse. I got to hold and photograph this knife on my visit with Derrick Lau – Benchmade’s PR Manager on Day 2.

TTAK’s own David Anderson did a TTAK Review of the CRKT Doug Ritter MK6 a while back. Tim had a chance to do a video review  of this knife while he was at Chopfest, and likewise has a very favorable impression of it.  (look for my cameo at the 2:59 mark).

Last up from Tim, a video slideshow of the tools from Chopfest. Great knife porn and a more thorough documentation of the tomahawks in particular than I made.

Finally for your long-viewing , there is this video passed along by Nathan. It is from “Wieners and Steel” and is most certainly NSFW. It is an hour long, and is strange in that is it a single camera angle of a table of knives. But it is entertaining with some off color humor and even a mention of TTAK’s knifemaker in residence Will Woods. And knives. Lots of knives.

I hope you all enjoy these. The TTAK Friday Film Fest is going to be a thing, so if there is something that you think should be featured, please pass it along to Thanks.


  1. Bez says:

    Its good to see the site confident enough to link other peoples blogs to cover events like this. It helps make TTAK a ‘one stop shop’ for pointy things and give a broader perspective. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. I met a bunch of really great folks at Blade. “Cooperatition” has always worked for me. There is a finite universe of folks who are passionate about the subject, and the more we all cultivate that niche the better it is for all of us.

      It all comes around in the end. I am working on a “EDC for CCW” post that is going to be cross-posted with the Mothership – TTAG. Tim has chopped the portion of his benchmade folder video that deals with the 5400 Serum, and I am going to embed it in the post as this is the knife I am highlighting.

      Getting to see the Axis – Dual Action system is much better on video.

  2. Nathan says:

    Also one to watch is Jim Skelton. He’s one of the most well-known collectors of high-end mid-techs and customs on YouTube and Instagram

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Friday Film Fest: Blade Show Edition

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