Friday Film Fest: Tricks, Transformations, Troubles, and Training Edition

Another week has passed and it is time for another instalment of the TTAK Friday Film Fest. This week’s videos are brought to you by the letter “T”.

For tricks, the above video is an overly elaborate yet lightening fast way to draw and open a Spyderco Endura. I own one, and I do not consider it particularly difficult to open with a standard flip. But there is no doubt that this guy is fast.

Transformation covers this next video which is the first instalment of  “Woodcraft on a Budget” making a rudimentary fixed blade knife from an old file with minimal equipment. There are some makers who turn out some pretty beautiful creations from repurposed files. This video is taking a different tack and is focusing on making a purely functional blade in a preparedness scenario.

For troubles, we bring you this Home Shopping blooper. I don’t know any serious lamnaphile who would look to a sub-$50 sword from a television shopping channel to be a quality blade, but this one fails with a very moderate impact. It was apparently enough to injure the demonstrator as he is whining like a mule offscreen,  though unfortunately any injury is never actually shown.

That brings us to our final video on training. In this case I am referring to  LEO training in the use of deadly force. Surprisingly given the media’s reprehensible treatment of the Ferguson situation, this very balanced video comes from CNN. It deals with both the Brown and Powell shootings and demonstrates just how fast a perpetrator can close and potentially injure an officer from up to 20 feet away. As I have mentioned, I am not sure what the right balance is as far as exercising restraint as opposed to deadly force. But the video clearly shows how quickly a situation can deteriorate into a life and death struggle, even when only the officer has a gun. It also covers taser use as well.

I am not trying to throw a wet towel on the usually more frivolous and upbeat TTAK FFF feature, but the pros and cons the whole idea of Police shooting knife-wielding suspects has been bouncing around in my head lately for obvious reasons. They don’t do it in England, and they have not had an officer fatality in this last year at least. But on the other hand, an officer in Atlanta was stabbed just yesterday, leading to the perpetrator’s being shot and killed. I honestly don’t know what the answer is, but it is always proper for civilians to speak up about police procedures, especially when it involves the State taking the life of a citizen, justified or not.

Ok…I don’t want to end on such a down note. So here is a bonus video.   It has nothing to do with knives, and is a shameless example of self-promotion, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I made this video a couple of years back to promote my fly-fishing guide service. It is a tribute to one of my favorite Smoky Mountain streams – the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River, known locally as Greenbrier. I am guiding there in the morning, so it popped into my mind just now. (if you get bored at the beginning, jump to the 2:37 mark. It picks up).

Have a great weekend folks.



  1. StuartB says:

    Clay, the fishing looks great, wonderful county up there too. Lucky man!

    1. Thanks. The upper section of Greenbrier is one of my favorite spots in the whole National Park.

      I took a couple of beginners up there yesterday and they lit up the brookies. I also kept an 8.5″ rainbow to test the Benchmade Steep Mountain and for dinner.

      The large boulders make it a great stream for beginners. 90% of fishing in the Smokies is not spooking the fish. If they don’t know you are there, they have to eat. It is a perfectly healthy fishery, but it is not the most fertile environment when compared to a Central PA limestone stream for example. The fish can’t afford to be choosy as a result.

      If you sneak up and stay hidden, you don’t need to be able to cast it 50′. Stealth and a short flip or roll cast is sufficient to catch fish.

      It is also simply a beautiful place to fish.

      If anyone wants a trip, mention you are a TTAK reader and I will knock $25 off for a half day or $50 off a full.

  2. CM says:

    Those shop at home guys sure love their knives! For some reason I’m always mesmerized by their sales pitch on cheap imported knives. This video is a great example of getting what you pay for though!

  3. James says:

    The guy opening the Spyderco is using centrifugal force with the knife at the end of a short lanyard to snap the knife open–and then catching the knife. I just want you to know that if you put a lanyard on a knife like that, and idly twirl it, this can happen BY ACCIDENT, unexpectedly. Then you get to slow it down carefully and catch it, after which you file it under Things I’m Glad No One Was Watching When It Happened.

    This has never happened to ME–with an orange-handled Spyderco sheepsfoot on an 18″ piece of paracord–or if it did, there were no witnesses, and you can’t prove anything.

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Friday Film Fest: Tricks, Transformations, Troubles, and Training Edition

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