Friday Film Fest: Wrapping up a good week edition.

It has been a good week here at TTAK. I finally finished my CRKT Halfachance review, and I appreciate the nice comments from you all. The highlight of the week definitely came when David’s post on NYC gravity knife law abuse earned him his first Instalanche with a link from Instapundit. A big thank you to the Blogfather for steering almost 4000 viewers our way. It is an honor that we have received on several occasions now, and it was fun to chat back and forth with David while the ‘lanche was underway. I remember being on the phone with Chris when my first one was underway on my Tormek review, we were both a bit amped up.

Finally, it was good to hear from my buddy Jon. He sent us photos and a letter from Israel, where he is serving as a Lone Soldier in the IDF. He is continuing our testing of the Will Woods’ Kraken, where it apparently is one heck of a hummus spreader.

The video above is an interesting primer on the physics of throwing knives. It has been out for a while, but the slow motion videography is particularly well done. The rest of this week’s lineup includes new knife reviews from our friends CutleryLover and EverydayTacticalVideos, an instructional video on how to make a survival spear, and finishes with a news story about a woman in Brazil who survives a kitchen knife stabbing to the forehead. A gruesome story, but the animated recreation is inadvertently amusing.


I mentioned it before, but Tim (ETV) and Jeff (CL) are both great guys who own the world of YouTube knife reviews. The stuff that they do and the medium in which they do it are so different from what we have going on here at TTAK, that cooperation serves all of us better in the long run. I know that we are not big fans of the Gerber Company and many of the sub-par knives they have been putting out, but it seems like Tim found a diamond US Open level rough. Colonel Jeff’s review is on the Ganzo G717-B, and he is really a fan of this Chinese-made folder. For the under $20 price, it looks to be a solid little knife.


The folks at Schrade bring us our next video. It is an extremely well done how-to for making a survival spear/gig.  I have been looking for something to do as my final test for the Benchmade Steep Mountain, and I think I have just found it.


There is nothing funny about the subject of our last video, but the story does not end in tragedy. The animated recreation is unintentionally funny though.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and thank you all for your support.

If by chance you are a new reader, especially if you came as part of the Instalanche and came back because you liked the site, please leave a note in the comments. If there is something that you would like to see and are not finding, let me know. Welcome and thank you for joining us.

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Friday Film Fest: Wrapping up a good week edition.

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