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I know we have been news-heavy of late, but there has been a fair amount going on. I stand by the decision to devote two days of coverage to the Connecticut court case. The first post was breaking news, I had the post up within 5 hours of the news hitting the wire. I am proud of that catch, and the second post was more in-depth analysis of what is really a very important case for both CT and knife rights nationwide.

We will get back to steel soon, we have a reader-submitted tomahawk review, a “Know your Knives” post on the venerable Canadian Belt Knife, a test of the Woody’s Handmade Knives Fish and Fowl, and new knives from Wilmont and others. that is in addition to whatever goodies Nathan and Dave decide to show off for us. Their posts are usually as much a surprise to me as they are to you, and I am always impressed with what they come up with.

I have three links for you today. The first one, on a police non-shooting I have been sitting on all week. I just haven’t had the time to give it its due, and my muse has not been inspiring me to a full write up. The second is an extreme example of example of knife misuse in Britain. And finally, Taylor Swift is causing a bit of a stir with her latest video where she embraces the psycho ex-girlfriend persona she is tarred with, and goes full OJ – I know you all are closet T-Swizzle fans.


We have discussed police shootings of knife-wielding suspects and whether or not it is always warranted. It is the angle through which we have touched on the Ferguson case and police use of force in general. In many cases, while the shootings might be justified in the legal sense, they could have possibly been avoided if police attempted to maintain distance from a blade instead of immediately resorting to shooting.

It is a dicey subject. There is a reason that police have a fair amount of latitude. I want my friends who are on the job to stay safe, along with their comrades. Knives are deadly weapons. The “21 foot rule” has been shown to have validity in repeated tests. However I believe that there is often an unnecessary escalation where someone winds up dead before all options have been tried.

It is with that paradox in mind that I give you this to chew on. In Milwaukee, police did not shoot a mentally disturbed man who was chasing them with a butcher knife because “the recent widespread backlash against officers using excessive and deadly force on citizens“. I don’t want police to unnecessarily endanger themselves, but a chink in what I believe to be a runaway institutional attitude among police (even those I deeply respect) is on balance a good thing. The pendulum has swung a bit too far and needs to find a better equilibrium.


In England, a man has been sentenced to 8 years for almost severing his ex-girlfriends nose. After a full day of drinking together, 27 year old Dale Hathaway confronted his ex about her new boyfriend. He became enraged and attacked her with a steak knife. Even in England where virtually all knife carry is illegal, unless you want to mandate plastic tableware in hotel restaurants, you are not going to be able to prevent drunken idiots from misusing cutlery.


Finally, because I know you have been waiting with baited breath, Taylor Swift goes full psycho-ex in her latest video. I am not a hater or a fanof Ms. Swift, I couldn’t name one of her songs. I listen to punk and dead hippie music for the most part. But to the extremely limited extent that I follow celebrities, I am amused at how she seems to be one step ahead in playing the entertainment media against itself. She seems to be laughing and doing her thing.

From UsMagazine:

“lack of attention turns her into the crazed lover so many people already think she is, and she goes full-on berserk, first disposing of his phone, and then taking a knife to his portrait and cutting up all his shirts before burning them. Later, she uses an axe to hack away at the tree where she carved their names into the wood, and a golf club to smash the lights on his swanky sports car.”



  1. djb says:

    Taylor Swift hurt a completely innocent Shelby AC Cobra! Sure, it was a replica but couldn’t she have gone all Elin Nordegren on the guy instead?

  2. Roger says:

    Hey, there’s been a “mass stabbing” event in Australia it seems.

    1. Thanks. Just looked it up. I guess I know what I am doing when I get back from running errands. Ugly scene.

  3. PeterK says:

    Looks like she had fun, haha. Awesome.

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Friday Housekeeping and Link Dump

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