Friday Link Dump: Here’s what I have been reading.


These signs sure helped didn’t they?

In an effort to bring you all timely content on all things knife and edged related, we are going to start passing along some extra links to stuff that we think would interest to our Edged Intelligentsia. Throughout our search for content, we frequently come across articles, pictures, and posts that while piquing our interest, do not quite have the Homeric muse banging on our face with the heel of an axe. So rather than leave some of the better stuff behind on the cutting room floor, we thought we would share it with you.

The links could be all over the place topic wise.  My background is outdoors and knife rights.  I am just getting up to speed on industry news and hope to bring more of that to future posts. Of course there will be current events as well, especially in light of this weeks spree-stabbing incident in Pennsylvania.  There are weeks worth of things that one could cover on that incident alone, but I would rather get things out to you while they are still fresh.

I am always interested in any tips or links you might have as well.  Send them to

So on to today’s links and commentary:


From Wonkette: Looks like Dan Zimmerman’s piece at TTAG on the breaking PA spree-stabbing ruffled a few feathers.  While droning on about how this demonstrates that guns are bad and knives are also bad but guns are worse:

“Somehow, we have a feeling that the headlines would be far different if the suspect had had a gun. Are we politicizing this tragic event? You bet your ass we are.”

she calls TTAG out by name and makes the fundamental mistake of anthropomorphizing a tool, rather than focus on the deranged individual wielding it.  As we all know, knives can be just as deadly.


The hoplophobic demagoguery continues with this hit piece on the NRA:

“Maybe the NRA will see the way to gaining millions of new members, folks who wouldn’t have a gun but who dream of gutting and skinning that pimply-faced kid who keeps pawing their teenage daughter.

I mean, “keep and bear Arms” is pretty open-ended. Machetes, swords, ice picks and World War II bayonets — a liberal reading of the Second Amendment says we can’t ban any of them.”

Despite the author’s claims, there is nothing that should be controversial about bayonets and ice picks falling under the scope of the Second Amendment.  But TTAK readers already know that.


And in “happy” news, here is comprehensive but but depressing piece on the state of knife laws in Britain from Liberty Unyielding:

“This week it was reported that a forensic scientist “has called for a more widespread sale of blunt-tipped kitchen knives in an attempt to reduce Scotland’s murder rates.” The initiative would certainly not result in a decrease in murder rates, but would absolutely annoy kitchen knife manufacturers and chefs.”

Thus far, calls for any sort of increased knife control in the wake of the PA incident have been muted and limited to the fringes of the hoplophobe movement.  Much greater coverage has been devoted to attempting to ridicule people who understand that the actions of an individual are separate from the tool they are using.



  1. Mike L says:

    “The hoplophobic demagoguery continues with this…”

    The use of hoplophobe has grown mightily over the last few years. I was scratching my head to think if there was a similar descriptive for the Blade Haters. I can’t think of any. I may have missed it….

    So how about if I nominate the following…LAMNAPHOBE. Lamna in Latin is knife blade. Any takers???

    1. Roger says:

      Hoplophobe can refer to anyone who hates and fears any weapon for any reason.

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Friday Link Dump: Here’s what I have been reading.

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