From Blade HQ: Are you a knife addict?

Blade HQ‘s advertising theme of late has been “Knife Addiction”. They had a big board at BLADE Show, where they encouraged people to share their knife-addict confessions. As you can see by the photo below, there was quite a bit of participation from folks at the show. They also put out a brochure, which along with some new exclusive releases contained a show schedule, crossword, and an amusing quiz testing the depth of your addiction.

Remember: Accept, Embrace, Collect.  Knife addiction can be a good thing.

You can see the confession board serving as a backdrop to the BLADE Show video they were shooting.

According to the quiz, I fall in the penultimate category: Serious Addiction with 13 points.

Truthfully, some of the questions didn’t apply to me. As I work from home, I don’t need to order knives from the bathroom. I also subscribe to some fishing channels on YouTube, so I lose a point there as well. That said, knives do make up the majority of my Feed.

How did you score on the scale? Are there any oddball knife behaviors you would add to the list? Let us know your score in the comments below.


  1. Arctodus says:

    19 out of 20.
    I don’t hide my purchases from my wife. I once sold a knife (I had two of the same model) and my wife got upset….she said “You might need that other one some day!”
    I love her very much.
    Also, I don’t have an instagram account, but I do have two Facebook accounts, one for real life and one for Knives….

  2. Chase M. says:

    Scored a 14. If I got a job in the knife industry I might never pay off those student loans….

  3. HandyDan says:

    Scored a three, and, yet, not even one week ago I spent $240 on their website.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Only a 2 for me. But…..Why wasn’t there a question on how many knives do you usually have on you? I got 4.

  5. stuartb says:

    I only got 3. I feel there are a better set off questions out there to test addiction? Like – how many knifes do you own? do you have a blade steel app on your phone? Or Sam L’s – how many knives do you ETC at once?

    TTAK should start a list, or a counselling service

  6. cmeat says:

    do your kids think picking your teeth with a knife while driving is normal?

    do you have a taped up finger or thumb cut ten times a year?

    do you have a commonly shredded pocket area on all of your pants?

    do you slice food in the kitchen with a pocket knife in spite of the kitchen knife being within reach?

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From Blade HQ: Are you a knife addict?

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